War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0897 Chapter XXXIX. DRAFT RIOTS IN NEW YORK CITY, ETC.

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other offices are unharmed. The records, books, and papers have been nearly all saved. There are detachments of regular troops and marines in the city, numbering over 400, under the command of General Harvey Brown, by orders of Major-General Wool. The police force have rendered efficient service. The mob this morning is, I understand, engaged in burning private property in the upper part of the city. The draft is for the present suspended. I was placed in command of the arsenal last night, by order of General Wool, and relieved this morning. The arsenal is safe. My own dwelling has been gutted, and I understand has been burned down. The excitement in the city is intense.


Colonel Sixty-ninth, and Actg.

Asst. Provost-Marshal-General.

J. B. FRY, Colonel.

NEW YORK CITY, July 14, 1863.

SIR: Draft has been suspended in New York and Brooklyn from necessity. Can your dispatch of to-day be published?*


Acting assistant Provost-Marshal-General.

Colonel FRY. NEW YORK, July 14, 1863. (Received 8. 20 p. m.)

SIR: Have just seen Generals Wool and Brown. It is an impossibility to send one company to each provost-marshal`s office. All available forces are now under command of General Brown, and have in some instances engaged the mob. In the fifth district, several of the mob have been killed. Invalid Corps all on duty excepting [Frederick M.] Chase`s, at Fort Schuyler, which is retained for protection of the fort. City in an intense excitement. Business suspended. Rioting in every ward. Records all secure on Governor`s Island excepting eighth and ninth districts; still, I think they are safe. General Wool has now 1, 000 soldiers, inadequate, I fear, to repel attacks from so many different points. It is a spontaneous movement. No organization. Principally for plunder. Mayor`s residence burned. Everything has been done that was practicable with the present forces. The mob is more formidable to-day than yesterday.


Colonel, and Acting Assistant Provost-Marshal-General.

Colonel J. B. FRY.

NEW YORK, July 15, 1863-1. 10 p. m. (Received 1. 45 p. m.)

SIR: Mob last evening attacked the quarters of provost-marshal first district, at Jamaica, destroying clothing, &c. Records had been


* See p. 895. 57 R R - VOL XXVII, PT II