War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0785 Chapter XXXIX. EXPEDITION FROM GAINESVILLE, VA.

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fantry, who was in Gatesville on leave, one W. H. Davis, who, as his papers show, is a mail-carrier and an agent of the rebel Quartermaster's Department, and another man, driver of the vehicle which conveyed the mail agent. I examined the letters and papers captured, but found no information to aid my movements in that vicinity. Been unable to obtain any intelligence of the enemy there, I then proceeded down the Chowan River toward Mintonsville, keeping in view the principal object of the expedition. Seven miles beyond Gatesville, I captured a two-horse wagon and two carts loaded with salt; two of the drivers of the vehicles escaped into the swamp, but one man was captured who appears by his papers to have been engaged in carrying negroes across the lines and in other speculations. From this point I moved over to the Hertford road, and encamped for the night near Sandy Cross. A march of 30 miles to-day, on the direct road, brought the command into this camp at 5 p. m. My examinations render it certain that no troops have crossed the Chowan lately, unless, perhaps, some guerrillas may have crossed the lower part of the river, below Rockahock Creek, in small boats, but even of such movements I could gain no information. The horses, wagons, salt, &c., captured have been turned over to the proper officers.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, Commanding.

Major General JOHN J. PECK, Commanding U. S. Forces, Suffolk, Va.

JUNE 7-8, 1863. -

Expedition from Gainesville, Va.

Report of Major Melvin Brewer, First Michigan Cavalry.

WINCHESTER, June *, 1863 - 6. 05 a. m.

SIR: Yesterday I left Gainesville, and visited New Baltimore, Warrenton, Waterloo, Orleans, Barbee's, Chester Gap, and Front Royal, where I crossed the Shenandoah River; found 150 of the enemy's cavalry at Waterloo; skirmished, and drove them away, and passed, killing and wounding several, and taking 1 prisoner; found a squad at Barbee's; captured 1; found 300 at Front Royal; charged and routed their guard at the ford, and captured 1. Captain Hanson's detachment, Second Pennsylvania Cavalry, left me at Barbee's; went toward Markham at 5 a. m. There is a force of the enemy's infantry and cavalry at Strasburg. June 6, General Ewell, with a corps, was encamped 1 mile this side Culpeper. Stuart, with a large force of cavalry, is between Culpeper and Front Royal. All the fords on the - river are guarder with a strong force of cavalry. All fords on the Shenandoah, including and above Berry's, are strongly guarded. Mosby has lately been re-enforced by about 150 men. I need two days for resting and shoeing horses.


Major, Commanding First Michigan Cavalry.

Major-General STAHELL.