War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0410 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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With but two exceptions, to wit, Private [Richard] Childers, of Company E, and Private [W. F.] Brooks, Company K, each and every man of the regiment proved himself a hero. Hinders might be mentioned, each of whom with reason and propriety might point to his gallant acts and daring deeds, and the lieutenant -colonel commanding feels that he cannot call attention to the bearing of a few only of these without doing some share of injustice to those not mentioned; and though he is urgent to mention the names of Privates[w. y.] Salted, Company I, [J. N.] Cerci and [G] Barfield, Company B, and [W. J.] Barbee, Company L, for great and striking gallantry, and does mention them, he feels that he is neglecting others of equal merit. Private Barbee, thought a mounted courier, acting for

Major-General Hood, entered the ranks of his company (L), and fourth trough the engagement. At one time he mounted a rock upon the highest pinnacle of the hill, and there, exposed to a raking, deadly fire from artillery and musketry, stood until he had fired twenty-five shots, when he received a Minie ball wound in the right thing, and fell. Having exhausted their original supply of ammunition, the men supplied themselves from the cartridge-boxes of their dead and disabled comrades and from the dead and wounded of the enemy, frequently going in front of the hill to secure a cartridge-box. Many of the officers threw aside their swords, seized a rifle, and holing into the ranks, fought bravely and nobly. The regiment lost in killed, 25, in wounded, 48 and missing, 20, a list* of the names of whom, giving the company and character of wound of those wounded, is hereto annexed as part of this report.

Respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding First Texas Regiment.

N. B. -I would state that Captain John R. Woodward, of Company G, entered the engagement as acting major in charge of the left wing early in the engagement. He was wounded in the head by the fragment of a shell, and was borne from the field. [P. S.]-In addition to the above report, I have the following to submit: During the evening of Friday, July 2, Company I, compamanded by Lieutenant[J. R.] Loughridge, having become separated from the Fourth Texas Regiment, of which it was a part attached itself to the First Texas Regiment, and remained with it throughout the evening and night, until the latter was moved to the position occupied by the brigade on July 3, doing its full duty and batting bravely.

No. 455. Report of Major P. Bane, Fourth Texas Infantry. July 9, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by my regiment in the action near Gettysburg, Pa., July 2 and 3:About 4. 30 p. m. the 2nd instant, we were ordered to advance on the enemy, who occupied the heights about 1. 1/4 miles distant, the Fifth


*Not found; see p. 339