War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0363 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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Brig. General R. B. Garnett was killed while gallantly leading his brigade in the assault upon the enemy's position upon the Cemetery Hill.

Colonel Walton, chief of artillery, And Colonel Alexander, Major Dearing, Major[Frank] Hugher, Major Eshelman, and Captain [M. B.]Miller, of the Corps of Artillery, were noted for the courage, zeal, and ability with which they discharged their duties.

The troops all exhibited great determination and courage on the battle-field, which, together with the fortitude and endurance subsequently shown by the under circumstances of great trial, justly entitles them to our hearty thanks and highest praise.

Major-General Pickett's division merits especial for the determined manner in which in assaulted the enemy's strong position upon the Cemetery Hill.

For valuable and meritorious service on the field, I desire to express my renewed obligations to the officers of my staff, Lieutenant-Colonel G. M. Sorrel, Lieutenant-Colonel [Peyton T.]Manning, Majors[John W.]Faiefax, [O.]Lotrobe, [John J.]Clarke, and [Thomas Walton, and Captains [Thomas J.]Goree, [John W.]Riely, and [H. J.]Rogers.

Major [S. P.]Mitchell, chief quartermasters; Major [R. J.]Moses, chief commissary of subsistence; Surgeon [J. S. D.]Cullen, medical director. Surgeons [Randolph]Barksdale and [Thomas F.]Maury, and Captain Manning, signal officer, discharged the duties of their respective departments with zeal and ability.

Statements of the casualties of the campaign, embracing the killed, wounded, and missing, have been already forwarded.

I have the honor to be, colonel, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

Colonel R. H. CHILTON,

Assistant Adjutant and Inspector General.

A D D E N D A.

Casualties of the First Corps of Northern Virginia, in the engagement of July 2 and 3, 1863, near Gettysburg, Pa.

Command Killed Wounded Missing Total

M'LAWS' DIVISION. 115 483 32 630

Kershaw's brigade

Semmes' brigade 55 284 91 430

Barksdale's brigade 105 550 92 747

Wofford's brigade 30 192 112 334

TOTAL 305 1, 509 327 2, 141

PICKETT'S DIVISION. 78 324 539 941

* Garnett's brigade

Armistead's brigade 88 460 643 1, 191

Kemper's brigade 58 356 317 731

TOTAL 224 1, 140 1, 499 2, 863


*Only those are reported killed and wounded who are known to be so. Many of the missing are supposed to be killed our wounded.