War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0285 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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Anderson's Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE T. ANDERSON.

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM LUFFMAN.

7th Georgia, Colonel W. W. White.

8th Georgia, Colonel John R. Towers.

9th Georgia:

Lieut, Colonel John C. Mounger.

Major W. M. Jones.

Captain George Hillyer.

11th Georgia:

Colonel F. H. Little.

Lieutenant Colonel William Luffman.

Major Henry D. McDaniel.

Captain William H. Mitchell.

59th Georgia:

Colonel Jack Brown.

Captain M. G. Bass.

Benning's Brigade.

Brigadier General HENRY L. BENNING.

2nd Georgia:

Lieutenant Colonel William T. Harris.

Major W. S. Shepherd.

15th Georgia, Colonel D. M. DuBose.

17th Georgia, Colonel J. D. Waddell.

Artillery .

Major M. W. HENRY. Branch (North Carolina)

Artillery, Captain A. C. Latham German (South Carolina)

Artillery, Captain William K. Bachman. Palmeto (South Carolina) Light Artillery, Captain Hugh R. Garden . Rowan (North Carolina)

Artillery, Captain James Reilly.


Colonel J. B. WALTON.

Alexander's Battalion.

Colonel E. P. ALEXANDER.

Ashland (Virginia) Artillery:

Captain P. Woolfolk, jr.

Lieutenant James Woolfolk.

Bedford (Virginia) Artillery, Captain T. C.


Brooks (South Carolina) Artillery, Lieutenant

S. C. Gilbert.

Madison (Louisiana) Light Artillery, Captain

George V. Moody.

Virginia Battery, Captain W. W. Parker.

Virginia Battery, Captain O. B. Taylor.

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery.


First Company, Captain C. W. Squires.

Second Company, Captain J. B. Richardson.

Third Company, Captain M. B. Miller.

Fourth Company:

Captain Joe Norcom.

Lieutenant H. A. Battles.


Lieutenant General RICHARD S. EWELL.

Escort. Ransolph's Company Virginia Cavalry, Captain William F. Radolph.


Major General JUBAL A. EARLY

Hays' Brigade.

Grig. General HARRY T. HAYS.

5th Louisiana:

Major Alexander Hart.

Captain T. H. Biscoe.

6th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hanlon.

7th Louisiana, Colonel D. B. Penn.

8th Louisiana:

Colonel T. D. Lewis.

Lieutenant Colonel A. de Blanc.

Major G. A. Lester.

9th Louisiana, Colonel Leroy A. Stafford.

Smith's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM SMITH.

31st Virginia, Colonel John S. Hoffman.

49th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel J. Catlett Gib-


52nd Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel James H. Skin-