War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0268 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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blank muster-out and pay rolls, also the natural question, when in all probability the time to be mustered out would occur, was informed as soon as the pay and muster-out rolls were completed; thought it might be by Friday or Saturday of that week . This information was communicated to the regiment, Friday and Saturday arrived ; muster-out rolls not completed ; men coming down sicks every day ; all anxious to get home together with instructions from mustering officer that the uniforms were to be deducted from the pay of each soldier, which last question was under controversy and not yet decided, all tended to create great uneasiness and dissatisfaction,

Thursday, July 23. - I telegraphed Adj. General J. T. Sprague for instructions, at which date I received the following telegram:

ALBANY, July 23, 1863.

Colonel FORBES, Elmira:

The muster-out and the payment of troops are entirely in the hands of the War Department ; report your readiness there . It was understood that the uniforms were not to be paid for .


Adjutant-general .

The above telegram was shown Captain Livingston, when he replied he did not see how such and arrangement could be made, but immediately telegraphed the Secretary of War, at Washington. Answer was received on Monday, July 27, early in the morning, that Adjutant-General Sprague was correct-the uniforms were to be furnished free. the company rolls now had to be made out over again . This was good and cheering news to the regiment, but was not sufficient to produce a quieting of the waters . No paymaster had arrived nor was the prospect very flattering that one would be forthcoming very soon ; yet Captain Livingston had received notice from the Paymaster-General that Major C. W. Campbell, paymaster U. S. Army, was ordered to Elmira, to pay off the Sixty-eight Regiment, and would be there during the week .

Thursday, July 30 . - 3p. m., rolls having been completed reviewed, and triplicate copies made, the regiment was drawn up in column by companies, and the Sixty-eight regiment was mustered out of the United States service by Captain Livingston and his assistants . Regiment was wheeled into line ; dress parade was gone through with, orders communicated to the officers ; parade dismissed . I immediately after telegraphed Major-general Randall, at Buffalo, if he had any further orders for the Sixty-eight Regiment, and soon received the following telegram:

BUFFALO, July 30, 1863. Colonel D. S. FORBES, Elmira:

No orders . I congratulate you on your success ; your regiment is highly spoken of .


Major-General, Eight Division .

To go back, before mustering out, I ordered quartermaster Mullett to collect together all the blankets in the regiment, take account of them, and deliver them over to the military storekeeper, as instructed in orders from Major-General Couch before leaving Harrisburg . Finding the boys had become so much attached to them, and the probability of our having to remain in Elmira for a number of days yet, many being sick, and to sleep in the barracks without covering