War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0261 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN .

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Harrisburg . Immediately after establishing the above connection, I ordered the water drawn from the canal .

On Wednesday, July 1, relieved the left wing by sending the right to their relief, holding the left wing in reserve ; took sounding of the different fords, and made a diagram of the river, its fords, islands, and accessible crossing ; kept close watch upon all crossing ; arrested all boats on the opposite side, nd retained them at High Spire ; allowed no person to cross the river without a pass.

On Thursday, July 2, placed the left wing under drill until 4 p. m. ; sent them to the relief on the right wing .

On Friday, the 3rd distant, at 12 o'clock at night, a special message arrived ordering the regiment to report at Harrisburg forthwith, which we did, whereupon the following order was received:


Colonel FORBES,

Comdg. Sixty-eight Regiment New York State National Guard:

COLONEL: The major-general commanding directs that you proceed with your regiment by railroad to Carlisle, and from thence march to and report to Brigadier-general Smith, commanding division . You will see that your men are supplied with 40 rounds of ammunition, and rations . I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-, and Assistant Adjutant-General .

Were detained at Harrisburg waiting for transportation until 4 p. m. of Saturday, the 4th instant, Arrived at Carlisle at 11 o'clock the same night . The brigade having been burned and track torn up, were obliged to camp in a meadow about a mile out of Carlisle . On Sunday, the 5th, forded the river . Received two days' rations of Captain[Ambrose] Thompson, at Carlisle, which however, could not be obtained until 10 o'clock of that day . Made application for transportation to assist the command in the march . By order of Major [John B.] Burt, then acting as provost-marsha at Carlisle, who was instructed by General Smith to direct regiments where to report to him, the regiment was to march out on the Walnut Bottom road, but by direction of Major Burt the regiment took the Carlisle and Gettysburg pike; ordered to cross to the Walnut Bottom road about 5 miles out of town, which brought us at night near the stone tavern, about 5 miles out of Carlisle, where we camped, having traveled 10 miles to get there . This proved to be one of the hardest day's marches the regiment endured during the whole service . From exposure to the rain the night previous, the intense heat of the sun, and the want of transportation, whereby they were obliged to carry everything, the men soon gave out, and the command was obliged to halt early . At Carlisle, Colonel Forbes detailed Quartermaster Mullett, Sergeants[John C.] Lester, [John C.] Pritchard, and [A. L. [Barimore, to take charge of camp and garrison equipage, and send back to harrisburg the extra baggage, which for want of transportation, could not accompany the regiment ; also the medical stores were obliged to be left at Carlisle . In the performance of this duty, the quartermaster succeeded in the getting an order from headquarters at Harrisburg for one wagon, to convey medical stores to the regiment. By order of major Burt, we were to report to General Smith at Pine Grove .