War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0260 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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nad cheerfully responded to by the various companies. Captain J. M. Steadman, of Company A, was placed in command of the detail. Colonel Forbes then made requisition for blankets and axes . The detail left Camp Curtin about 5 p. m., marched over the river, and reported to General Jesse C. Smith, who assigned them the place. The men slung their axes and chopped 12 acres that night, and returned to camp before sunrise the next morning without a scratch, and with the handsome compliment from General Smith that it was the most and best work done by the number of men he ever saw . On Sunday, the 28th, at 9 a. m, the companies were formed in their respective streets, and were mustered into the service of the United States for thirty days, from the 25th instant, by Captain [Richard I.] Dodge, U. S. Army, and immediately thereupon requisitions were made and filled for informs, camp and garrison equipage .

On Monday, the 29th instant, requisition was made and filled for arms and ammunition, 40 rounds of ball cartridge to each man . On Tuesday, June 30, the following order was received:



* * * * * * *

II. The Sixty-eight Regiment New York State National Guard, Colonel D. S. Forbes commanding will report at once to these headquarters, fully armed and equipped for filled service . The men will carry three days' rations in their haversacks, and 40 rounds of ammunition in cartridge -boxes. By command of Major General D. N. Couch:


Major, and Assistant Adjutant-General .

The line was immediately formed and reported forthwith to General Couch, in obedience to above Special Orders, no 20., when the following order was received:

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE SUSQUEHANNA, Harrisburg, June 30, 1863. Colonel FORBES, Sixty-eight, Volunteer National Guard:

You will proceed with your regiment to Stinson's Ferry near High Spire . Find out about the ford there, and others in the vicinity down the river . Keep your men in hand to resist any attempt at crossing . IN no event must an enemy cross . Use the canal for rifle-pits . There will be no difficulty in your work . In connection with the cavalry ; you will take command and patrol and watch well down the river, seizing all boats ; allow no communication with the other side . Arrest all suspicious person, and, min general, watch, guard, and protect the people . Allow no marauding . I shall hold you responsible, and expect you to do all that men can do for the interest of the service . By command of Major-General Couch:


Major, and Assistant Adjutant-General .

The regiment left Harrisburg, pursuant to above orders, about 3 p. m. ; marched to High Spire, a distance of 8 miles ; formed a junction with the cavalry company then patrolling the river, also and a company of minute-men stationed at Middletown, 4 miles below ; established my headquarters at High Spire, in a church ; patrolled the left wing, and established sentinel posts along the river in connection with the cavalry ; held the right wing in reserve at headquarters, and thereby had a connected line of sentinel posts 12 miles down the river from