War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0259 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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In pursuance of the above Special Orders, I immediately promulgated the following Special Orders:


HDQRS. 68TH REGIMENT NEW YORK STATE N. G., Fredonia, June 17, 1863. In pursuance of Special Orders, Numbers 296, and Special Orders, No. 3, headquarters Height Division, Major General Nelson Randall commanding, the officers, non-commissioners officers, musicians, and privates will forthwith report at these headquarters, Fredonia, for duty, for the purpose of proceeding to Harrisburg, Pa. Commandants of companies will immediately promulgate this order to their respective commands, and report to me forthwith the number of effective men in their companies, with muster-rolls made complete . Non-commissioned staff and musicians will report to Adj. Francis L. Nort Honorable Commissioned officers will appear uniformed and equipped, all others in citizens' dress, as uniforms and equipments will be furnished in Harrisburg . Commandants will enlist for three months all able-bodied men who desire to enter the service, thereby increasing the number of the regiment. Each soldier should be provided with two shirts, two pairs of drawers, two pairs of socks, one towel, comb, soap, and knapsack or satchel, which, with its contents be as light as possible. The citizens of Chautaugua County are requested to use every effort to add to the ranks of the Sixty-eight Regiment under this order, thereby, as is believed, lessening the number of men liable, which are to be raised under the conscription act. By order of D. S. Forbes, colonel commanding Sixty-eight Regiment New York State National Guard:

FRANCIS L. NORTHON, Adjutant . Copies of telegrams received from Major-General Randall, and replies thereto, previous to our departure.

* * * * * * *

On Thursday, June 25, 1863, at 2 p. m., the regiment was formed, and immediately marched [from Fredonia] to Dunkirk, a distance of 3 miles, where it arrived at 3. 30 o'clock, and by special train left Dunkirk, via Erie Railway, for Harrisburg, Pa., at 4 p. m. ; arrived at Elmira, N. Y., at daybreak on the morning of the 26th June, 1863. Much credit is due to the Erie Railway Company, and particularly Superintendent H. G. Brook and Dispatcher Thomas C. Thompson, for the interest manifested in furnishing the regiment with comfortable and even splendid accommodations . Were detained at Elmira about two hours, waiting for transportation to Harrisburg, where we arrived on Friday, the 26th instant, about 12 o'clock at night ; were obliged to lodge the men in the depot until morning . On Saturday morning, at 7 o; clock, the regiment as marched to Camp Curtin, a distance of 1 and 1/2 miles ; were shown the ground they were to occupy, and furnished tents by Captain -. The camp ground very muddy, owing to the late heavy rains, but notwithstanding, the men went to work with a will, and in a short time presented a respectable camp, which from its regularity and soldierly appearance, elicited a very flattering notice from the officers in command of Camp Curtin . At 3 p. m. of the 27th instant, orders were received from Colonel Beers, commanding officers of the camp, for a detail of 75 men from the regiment for chopping duty . Colonel Forbes refused to furnish the detail, owing to this men not having had any rest for the last two nights, unless it was by special request and favor from General Couch . In about three-quarters of an hour an order was received from General Couch, saying it would be deemed a special favor. Colonel Forbes immediately ordered the

detail, which was promptly


*Omitted, as of no present importance.