War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0253 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN .

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trees . I continued on this duty with my men till the 5th day of July, when I received orders from report to Colonel Hawley. I returned to Mount Union, and encamped on the ground of the Seventy-fourth, which had left with Colonel Hawley's regiment for Chambersburg. The ensuing day (6th of July), mustered into the United States service for Thirty days from June, 19 ultimo, and I was appointed commander of the post, with Captain Horace Thomas as post adjutant . On the 8th of July, I received orders from Colonel Hawley and Colonel Fox to send them 3, 000 rations. I immediately impressed farmers' team sufficient for the purpose, and started the rations forward. On several different days while at Mount Union, rebel stragglers came within our lines, and were dispatched under guard to headquarters. On the 11th day of July, 350 rebels were brought in by a part of n Ohio regiment ; many of them were badly wounded. Our surgeons attended to them, and they were forwarded to headquarters. At 11 p. m. orders came from General Couch to report with my command at Bridgeport, to General Hall, commanding at Fort Washington. At 7 a. m. next morning took the cars, arriving at Bridgeport at 5 p. m. and reported . I remained with my command at Bridgeport, doing guard duty, till the 14th, at 7 p. m., when I was ordered by General Hall to proceed to the city of New York . By great acidity and exertion, a train of cars was gotten together and provided for the next morning . At 4 a. m. July, I put my men on board the cars, leaving our camp and garrison equipage at Fort Washington, and arrived the city of New York at about 5 a. m. Before leaving Fort Washington, a battery of four howitzers, belonging to the Eight New York National Guard, was attached to my command . On arriving in New York, I immediately marched my command to headquarters, reporting in person to General Wool. On the way from the dock, al large mob gathered about, and attempted to get possession of two negroes who were serving as cooks with the artillery company of the Eight New York National Guard . I protected then from harm by placing them admits the battery, and protecting the same by a company thrown on either flank . Upon the reporting to General Wool, I was ordered to take quarters at Center Market, and to report to General Harvey Brown, which I did. Pursuant to orders from General Brown, the same evening I sent two companies to guard the treasury buildings, on Wall street, viz, Company E, Captain [Philip H.] Wagner, and Company H, Captain [Christian] Schaeffer, and two other companies, along with some United States troops, to restore ordering the vicinity of Union Square, viz, Company A, Captain Seeber, and Company D, Captain[Charles Geyer. On the morning of the 16th of July, pursuant to orders which I had received from General Brown, at 7 o; clock I sent out with my companies not therefore detailed as above set forth, and the howitzers. Passed through to the Hotchkiss, shell factory, on Twenty-fourth street, nd Left Company B, Captain L. Krettner, and one of the howitzers, at that point. I then passed on with remaining companies of my command, and two of the howitzers for my next pint of destination, Seward'd shell factory, on Seventeenth street . While my men were passing down Seventeenth street, the mob gathered about in a threatening manner, but no violence was committed . At Seward' shell factory, I stationed Company F, Lieutenant[Casper]Meyer commanding, with one of the howitzers. I then passed on up