War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0234 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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in Pennsylvania and Maryland, in the service of the General Government in June and July last: The Eleventh and Twenty-second Regiments left this city for Harrisburg, via Philadelphia, on the 18th of June . I followed with my staff on the evening of the 19th, by the express train, arriving at Harrisburg on the morning of the 20th, at which time the said regiments also arrived . The Sixty-ninth was to follow in the course of a couple of days, but, pursuant to subsequent orders from the Secretary of War and the adjutant-general of this State, this regiment was sent to Baltimore . Having reported to Major-General Couch, I selected, pursuant to his authority, camping ground for my command on the south side of the Susquehanna, opposite Harrisburg, on the York road, about three-fourths of a mile southeast of Bridgeport and Fort Washington, and issued orders to Colonel Maidhof and Aspinwall to move their regiments across the river preparatory to occupying the positions to be assigned them . June 20, employed a negro force which had been engaged on the earthworks of Fort Washington in excavating rifle-pits and intrechments in the vicinity of the camp, and caused my command to be supplied with 40 rounds of fall back cartridge . June 22, was stunned by a shock received in consequence of a fall of my horse while in the camp of the Eleventh Regiment, and conveyed to Harrisburg ; was by the advice of surgeons, retrained from attending to any business until the morning of the 24th. My command was this day mustered into the service of the Unites States . On the 25th, General Hall, who as senior officer, had been placed in command of the division, returned to Harrisburg, sick. I immediately assumed the command, putting Colonel Maidhof in command of my brigade . On the 26th, received orders that Brig. General W. F. Smith, U. S. Volunteers, had been appointed to the command of the First Division of the Army of the Susquehanna . Had an interview with him at Harrisburg the same day, and was desired to continue in command of the division until further orders . Continued the work at the rifle-pits and the earthworks of Fort Washington, the latter proceeding under the supervision of Major Brady, U. S. Engineers, by a negro force, and by regiments quarter in the fort . On the 27th, ordered the Thirty-seventh National Guard, Colonel Roome, to move camp and join the two regiments of the Fourth Brigade, reporting to Colonel Maidhof. June 28, General W. F. Smith removed his headquarters to Bridgeport, near Fort Washington, and assumed the command of the division, I returning to the command of my brigade, directing Colonel Maidhof to report with his regiment to the commander of the division, for special duty . An attack from the enemy being momentarily anticipated, broke up camp pursuant to orders, moving the Twenty-second and Thirty-seventh Regiments behind the rifle-pits. Received into my command the Eleventh Artillery, New York Volunteers, Colonel Barnes, doing duty as infantry . Employed a detachment of this regiment in felling the woods in front, and detachments of the Twenty-second and Thirty-seventh Regiments in completing the works of the rifle-pits, and men on picket duty . It was designed by the commanding general that my command should check the advance of the enemy by the York road, and, if