War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0227 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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Tuesday, 14th. - General Knipe moved to Benevola.

Wednesday, 15th. - All the New York troops had orders from General Smith to move to Greencastle, but at the time of their starting, an order came from General Couch that they should go to Frederick, and they accordingly moved in that direction. All the Pennsylvania troops at Benevola moved at 9 a. m. to join Colonel Brisbane at Hagerstown, all to be under his command as military governor of Hagerstown.


Brigadier- General. -

Numbers 408. Report of Major General Charles W. Sandford, commanding First Division, New York State National Guard, of operations June 16-July 16, including the Draft Riots in New York City.

HDQRS. 1 ST DIV., NEW YORK STATE NATIONAL GUARDS, New York, December 30, 1863.

General: During the present year, 1863, the First Division Has performed a large amount of duty. In addition to the usual parades and drills, the reception of regiments returned from the war, and funeral honors to our noble sons who have fallen upon the battlefields of our country, in defence of the Union, the division has been again called to the field, and upon its return has been engaged in the suppression of riots at home. On the 16th of June last, I received orders of that date from the Commander-in-Chief (a copy whereof is annexed), directing me to send as many regiments as possible to Harrisburg, to assist in repelling the invasion of Pennsylvania by the rebels. The destination of some these regiments was changed, by request of the War Department, to Baltimore. The following regiments of this division were sent forward by me, pursuant to these orders, viz: June 17. - Seventh Regiment, 800 men, for Baltimore. June 18. - Eight Regiment, 350 men for Harrisburg; Eleventh Regiment, 850 men, for Harrisburg; Seventy- first Regiment, 650 men, for Harrisburg. June 19. - Fifth Regiment, 900 men, for Harrisburg; Twelfth Regiment, 700 men, for Harrisburg; Twenty-second Regiment, 600 men, for Harrisburg; Thirty- seventh Regiment, 600 men, for Harrisburg. June 20. - Fourth Regiment, 500 men, for Harrisburg. June 22. - Sixth Regiment, 650 men, for Baltimore ; Sixty-ninth Regiment, 700 men, for Baltimore, . June 24. -Fifty-fifth Regiment, 350 men, for Baltimore . July 3. -Eighty-fourth Regimen, 400 men, for Baltimore . These regiments were divided into three brigades, and placed under the command of Brigadier-General Hall, Ewen, and Yates, whose reports of their operations during their absence I have the honor to inclose, and to which I respectfully refer . I have also the honor to inclose reports from the commandants of several of these regiments, which exhibit the details of their employment and services during their absence . The readiness and alacrity with which these regiments departed to assist our sister State in the hour of danger, is evidenced by the fact .