War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0166 N. C. VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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This last telegram from General Kelley contains the first intelligence or report of any kind that I had indicating that Lee or any considerable portion of his force, or any infantry at all, had left the front of Fredericksburg or from east of the Blue Ridge, to advance upon Winchester or into the Valley. I immediately telegraphed Milroy-a telegram which I distinctly recollect, but which, from its not reaching him, seems not to have been preserved or placed on file by the operator ; at least I cannot find it . By that telegram I directed him to fall back, fighting, if necessary, and to keep the road to Harper's Ferry, if possible, instead of moving to Martinsburg . My idea always been that if a concentration was made upon the railroad, it must be on Maryland Heights, and I supposed that General Halleck, when speaking so frequently of Harper's Ferry, meant Maryland Heights. This telegram, I understood, never reached General Milroy, the wires being cut about that time between him and the railroad. It was int cipher, like others, and I have understood was only partly received when the interruption took place. This completes, I believe, the history of the 13th of June. On the 14th of June, I received the following dispatches, the first being from my aide-de-camp, Captain Woodhull, whom I had sent with General Tyler, and who was at that time serving as General Tyler's assistant adjutant-general:

"MARTINSBURG, June 14, 1863-10. 50 a. m.

"Major-General SCHENCK:

"A scout has just received here from Milroy ; left Winchester 11 last night ; reports Ewell's cavalry corps in and around Winchester, from 15, 000 to 18, 000 strong. Jone's and Imboden's force unknown; also fought yesterday with success, but quite a loss on both sides . Milroy advises Smith to be on guard, he apprehends a raid on Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry .


" Assistant Adjutant-general . "

" MARTINSBURG, June 14, 1863 -11 a. m.

"Major-General SCHENCK:

" Genera; l; Milroy reports that he was attacked yesterday by General Ewell with from 15, 000 to 18, 000 men ; that he sustained himself . Notifies us to look out for Harper's Ferry and Martinsburg .


" Brigadier-General . "

" MARTINSBURG, June 14, 1863 .

" Major-General SCHENCK:

" Captain Boyd has just brought from Winchester the following dispatch to you:

"`WINCHESTER, June 13, 1863-10 p. m.

"`Force at Bunker Hill arrived this morning at 6 o'clock . I was sharply engaged with the enemy on last evening ; prospect of a general engagement, but will hold this place in spite of fate

"`R. H. Milroy,

"`Major-General . "


"Brigadier-General .

"I sent the following dispatch to General, who was then at Martinsburg, from whence communication might be held with General Milroy by courier . "


" Baltimore, June 14, 1863.

"Brigadier-General TYLER,

" Martinsburg, Va.:

" I repeat, everything must go to Maryland Heights that is possible . Endeavor to communicate this, and urgently, again to Milroy . The enemy appears to have gone by Winchester to the westward, if he is appearing at Martinsburg .


"Major-General, Commanding .

" This telegram I sent in the apprehension that Milroy might not have received my