War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0163 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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On the same morning, I sent a telegram, which I cannot now find on my files to refer to, asking General Milroy as to his means of transportation for getting away from Winchester . To this, on the same day, I received the following reply:

" WINCHESTER, June 12, 1863.

" Major-General SCHENCK:

" telegram received . I can at any time, if not cut off from Martinsburg, have sufficient transportation to take all public stores away from here in six hours.

" R. H. Milroy,

" Major-General .

" I received that day also, from Brigadier-General Kelley, at Harper's Ferry, the following telegrams:

" Harper's Ferry, June 12, 1863.

"Lieutenant-Colonel CHESEBROUGH:

" All quiet this morning . Scouts returned from Hillsborough last night ; heard nothing of the enemy . Sent out other scout in Loudoun County this morning.


" Brigadier-General.

" `Harper's Ferry, June 12, 1863.

"Lieutenant-Colonel CHESEbrough:

" My cavalry scout just returned from Loudoun County ; went as far as Hillsborough; neither saw nor heard of any rebels.


"Brigadier-General .

" I had also the following from General Milroy: WINCHESTER, June 12, 1863.

" Major-General SCHENCK:

" The Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry had a slight skirmish with a rebel cavalry force, about 500, 12 miles from here, on road to Front Royal, this afternoon . The Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry and Eighty-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry, with one section of artillery, had a splendid little skirmish with some 400 rebel cavalry this side of Middletown at the same time . The Thirteenth skirmished with the rebels a short time, and drew them into an ambuscade of the Eighty-seventh and artillery. Eight of the rebels were killed, a number wounded, and 37, including a captain and 2 lieutenants, taken prisoners. No casualties on our side. The enemy are probably approaching in some force . I am entirely ready for them . I can hold this place . Please state specifically whether I am to abandon it or not .

" R. H. Milroy,

" Major-General .

" This was the condition of affairs and the state of my information on the 12th of June. I had received nothing from General Halleck on that day, and nothing later than his dispatch, dated at noon on the day before, although I had addressed to him on the 12th the following inquiry by telegraph:

" BALTIMORE, June 12, 1863.

" Major-General HALLECK,

" General-in-Chief.:

" Have you any knowledge or belief that there is any rebel infantry in the Valley or north of the Rappahannock, on this side of the Blue Ridge? There seems to me to be yet only parties of cavalry .

" Kelley's scouts could find no enemy in Loudoun to-day, having gone as far up as Hillsborough.


Major-General, Commanding. "

On the 13th, I received the following from Colonel Piatt:

"HARPER"S FERRY, June 13, 1863-11 a. m.

"Major-General SCHENCK:

" Have received the following dispatches form General Milroy . Am sorry that you interfered with me. "


"Chief of Staff. "