War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0161 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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again a report from Lieutenant-Colonel Piatt, after he had returned to Harper's Ferry, by telegraph, as follows:

" HARPER'S FERRY, June 10, 1863-11 a. m.

"Lieutenant-Colonel CHESEBROUGH,

" Assistant Adjutant -General:

" All quiet. Don't believe in raid, but are getting ready for it. Any dispatches, send them here . Go to Winchester this afternoon . "


" Lieutenant -Colonel, and Chief of Staff.

" And on that same day, I received the following telegram from the Secretary of War:

" WAR DEPARTMENT, June 10, 1863-11 a. m.

" Major-General SCHENCK:

"A sharp cavalry engagement between our forces under Pleasonton, and the rebel forces took place yesterday at Beverly Ford, the details of which have not reached the Department. Pleasonton telegraphs that Stuart designed to have commenced a raid to-day into Maryland, but thinks he has been too much crippled to do so soon .


" Secretary of War.

" On the 11th, Lieutenant-Colonel Piatt having returned to Winchester, I received from him the following telegram:

" WINCHESTER, June 11, 1863-12 p. m.

" Major-General SCHENCK:

" Just in from inspection of fortifications and troops. All looks fine . Can whip anything the rebels can fetch here . Answer at Martinsburg . "


" Lieutenant-Colonel, and Chief of Staff.

" I should state here that Lieutenant-Colonel Piatt was then, and is yet by assignment, the assistant inspector-general of the Eight Army Corps. I received afterward on the same day from Brigadier General D. Tyler, from Martinsburg, the following telegram:

" MARTINSBURG, June 11, 1863.

" Major-General SCHENCK:

" Left Winchester at 2 p. m. of this p. m. Milroy deserves credit for his fortifications ; it will take all of Lee's cavalry and light artillery to whip him out.


" Brigadier-general .

"On that day also, I received the following telegram from major-general Milroy:

" WINCHESTER, June 11, 1863.

" Major-General SCHENCK:

" I have the place well fortified, and am well prepared to hold it, as general tyler and Colonel Piatt will inform you, and I can and would hold it, if permitted to do so, against any force the rebels can afford to bring against me, and I exceedingly regret the prospect of having to give it up, and it will be cruel to abandon the loyal people that are in this county to the rebel fiends again.

" R. H. Milroy,

" Major-General .

" It was on the 11th that General Halleck's communication, referred to last in my answer to the former question, was received. In relation to the partial withdrawal of the troops from Winchester, I immediately telegraphed that dispatch with instructions to Lieutenant-Colonel Piatt as follows:

" BALTIMORE, June 11, 1863-12, 40 p. m.

"Lieutenant Colonel DONN PIATT,

" Martinsburg:

" The following just received from Washington:

" `Harper's Ferry is the important place . Winchester is of no importance other