War of the Rebellion: Serial 044 Page 0147 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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Question. Was the position of your battery, and was the attack upon that position, in plain view of the main body of the Winchester command?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Was your battery so far in advance of the principal defenses of Winchester as to make the position of it an unnecessarily exposed one?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. During the engagement, were any representations made by Lieutenant Randolph or yourself with regard to the severity of the attack upon you, the ; losses you were sustaining, or the difficulty of maintaining your position?

Answer. I don't know of my own knowledge .

Question. What do you know about a reconnaissance made ordered, or claimed to have been made, by Captain Morgan, Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry, on Sunday morning, June 14, 1863?

Answer. I don't know of any reconnaissance made by Captain Morgan.


Question. To your knowledge, were or were not all or a portion of Colonel McReynolds' brigade engaged in the fight on Monday morning, the 15th of June?

Answer. I was with Colonel McReynolds during that morning . The Sixty-seventh Pennsylvania, Sixth Maryland Infantry, and the First New York Cavalry, or a part of it, were engaged .


Question. Did you observe any want of coolness, capacity, or bravery on the part of any officer during the fighting at and near Winchester, and in the retreat?

Answer. No, sir .

By the COURT:

Question. How was Colonel McReynolds engaged while the fight was going on, the morning of the 15th of June?

Answer. He was giving instructions to his brigade, and not only to his own brigade, but to a portion of General Elliott's, the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry, that was drawn up in line of battle to the right of the Martinsburg road . He went to its commanding officer, Major Kerwin, and told him that we wished his regiment to take a battery, and that it was to be a desperate charge . He also gave him instructions how do it . After he had done so, he turned around to give some instructions to one of his orderlies. I am pretty sure he intended to accompany this regiment in the charge, but before he turned around they started off, and, instead of obeying their orders, they went through without stopping to Harper's Ferry.

Question. In your opinion, was the retreat from Winchester orderly, and was the public property of all description properly cared for?

Answer. It was orderly until we were fired upon on Monday morning. After that the portion that I saw (the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry)was not order; y. I went through with that regiment . The property was cared for the best that could be done at that time.

Question. Do you think it was practicable to have brought away from Winchester the fields guns, or any portion of them?

Answer. I do not think it was practicable, because they would have made so much noise as to have attracted the enemy's attention .