War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0999 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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July 6. -In engagements at Hagerstown and Williamsport.

July 9. -Moved out on the pike toward Funkstown; deployed as skirmishers on the right, on foot. Colonel Alger was wounded here. Charged and drove the enemy in force from a piece of woods, which was afterward hotly shelled by the enemy while we held possession. Subsequently the enemy fell rapidly back while the regiment pursued them closely until dark.

July 10 and 11. -Picketed in front of Funkstown

July 12. -Was in the charge at Hagerstown. Lieutenant-Colonel Gould wounded. Five squadrons of this regiment dismounted on the left of the city, and drove a superior force from its position.

July 14 -Led the advance toward Williamsport, and charged into the town, meeting no considerable force, and driving the enemy's rear quart across the river, capturing a number of prisoners.

July 17. -After sharp skirmishing with the enemy, drove them from Snicker's Gap, and occupied the same, capturing several prisoners.

July 20. -Occupied Ashby's Gap after slight skirmishing.

July 24. -Had the advance to Newby's Cross-Roads; were at the extreme front during the engagement there, and acted as rear guard when our forces engaged were ordered to fall back.


June 30. -This regiment, with the Fifth Michigan Cavalry, occupied Littlestown, Pa. Company A was sent on a reconnaissance to Westminster. The remainder of the regiment proceed to Hanover. Here we met the enemy's skirmishers; drove them to their guns, which we found supported, by a heavy force of cavalry. A sharp engagement followed, in which we were outnumbered by the enemy six to one. Our loss was some 15 or 20 captured. The enemy lost several wounded and captured. Later in the day, Company A, of this regiment, had an engagement with a considerable force of the enemy.

July 2. -This regiment, being in the advance, encountered the enemy's cavalry at Hunterstown. Here Company A, Captain H. E. Thompson, charged the enemy, so as to enable our battery to be placed in position. The other squadrons of the regiment drove the enemy back, when the guns of the battery caused them precipitately to surrender the field.

July 3. -Were in engagement at Gettysburg.

July 4. -Were deployed as skirmishers on either side of the road in the attack on Monterey Pass. Loss, slight.

July 5. The regiment was employed in supporting a battery in the engagement at Smitsburg.

July 6. -Were ordered to the front at Hagerstown. On arriving officer killed and 3 men wounded. The First and Sixth Michigan Cavalry were the last to return from the field, protecting our guns and holding the enemy in check while the remainder of the command fell back toward Boonsborough.

July 8. -Met the rebel General Stuart and his forces at the left of the Hagerstown road, near Boonsborough, repulsing and routing his forces, and driving them until closed the pursuit.

July 11. -Regiment on picket duty before Hagerstown. During the