War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0904 N. C; VA; W. VA; MD; PA; ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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Buford's cavalry had a long and desperate encounter, hand to hand, with the enemy, in which he drove handsomely before him very superior forces. Over 200 prisoners were captured and one battle flag. The troops are in splendid spirits, and are entitled to the highest praise for their distinguished conduct.



Major-General HOOKER,

Commanding Army of the Potomac.


June 10, 1863-5. 30 a. m.

We had splendid fighting yesterday, and I think it will prevent Stuart making his raid, which he was to have commenced this morning. Toward night they opened 20-pounder Parrott guns at a long distance, showing they were re-enforced. They did not attempt to covered themselves with glory. We captured Stuart's camp, with his orders, letters, &c. He was to move to Maryland with 12, 000 cavalry and twenty-five guns, and he was camped at the ford we crossed, a perfect hornet's nest, but we drove them over 2 miles before Gregg came up, and, when I found out he had as hard a time as ourselves, and no fresh troops to call on, I returned to the north bank of the Rappahannock. The enemy lost very heavily. Buford's loss is 250 wounded. Killed not yet known. At least a doyen officers among the latter. I don't know Gregg's loss yet. * Gregg lost two guns before he joined me, but they were lost with honor; all his people were engaged, and his battery was without support. The battery men fought their pieces until cut down at their side. One gun in the same battery burst-Sixth New York. We blew up a caisson for the enemy, and killed a number. Tell the general I will send in a report to-day, as soon as I can collect the facts.



Brigadier General R. INGALLS,

Chief Quartermaster, Army of the Potomac.

HEADQUARTERS CAVALRY CORPS, Warrenton Junction, Va., June 11, 1863.

GENERAL: I have the honor to inclose a list of casualties of this command, and the infantry under Brigadier-Generals Russell and Ames, in the late engagement near Brandy Station and Beverly Ford. This list does not include the casualties of the casualties of the Second Cavalry Division, which has been on picket, and has not been able to complete it. Their loss is not grater than 25. I also inclose the strength of the command at the battle, and as it was this morning on review. My detailed report. with those of subordinate commanders, will be forwarded as soon as it can be prepared. I cannot, however, refrain from saying at this time that the Cavalry Corps, by its brilliant con