War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0822 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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marched with the detachment of this division from Stafford Court-House, VA., to the Spotted Tavern on the night of the 6th instant. Arrived there at 1 a. m., and reported to Brigadier General A. Ames. On the 7th instant, by his order, I marched thence at 10 a. m. to Bealeton Station, arriving at 6 p. m. Marched thence on the 8th instant to near Beverly Ford, on the Rappahannock River. On the 9th instant, at daybreak, moved by his order across the river and down the road toward Culpeper. Approaching the front, where our cavalry was engaged with that of the enemy, I formed line of battle by his order, and threw forward a company from the Third Wisconsin Regiment and one from the Second Massachusetts as skirmishers. Soon after, by his order, I moved the Third Wisconsin Regiment farther to the right, to cover the interval between General Buford, on the right, and Colonel Devin, on our left, leaving, however, the skirmishers already thrown out and two companies of the Second Massachusetts, under command of Major Hubbard, of the Third Visconsin Regiment, and the remainder of the Second Massachusetts, immediately under command of General Ames. The enemy pressing heavily on the left, I was then ordered by General Ames to report to Colonel Devin, commanding cavalry on our left. I left one company of the Third Wisconsin and one from the Second Massachusetts (then with me), under command of Captain Stevenson, Third Wisconsin Volunteers, and proceeded with the remainder of the Third Wisconsin to Colonel Devin. By him I was ordered to move forward of his line of cavalry, and to drive out a force of dismounted cavalry, who were posted in the woods and pouring a deadly fire upon his line. I did so, throwing forward a heavy line of skirmishers, and, advancing cautiously, my skirmishers were soon warmly engaged, and, after a sharp skirmish of about an hour, in which 1 of my men was killed and 12 were wounded, drove the enemy from his cover, leaving a number of his dead and wounded on the field. Meanwhile the force left under command of Captain Stevenson was sent, by order of General Ames, to General Buford, on the right. By him they were ordered to dislodge a force of dismounted cavalry of the enemy, who were advantageously posted behind a stone wall in such position that they had repulsed several charges of our cavalry. By a circuitous movement they gained the same side of the wall with the enemy, moved immediately upon them under cover of a little rise of ground, and opened a deadly enfilading fire upon them. After replying impetuously for some minutes, the rebel force, several hundred strong, fled in confusion, leaving a number of dead and wounded on the field greater than that of the force which had thus driven them. Ten prisoners were also captured. I was then ordered to advance by Colonel Devin, and during the remainder of the day supported a battery near, on our left. At about 5 p. m. my command was assembled, and was ordered to retire. Recrossed the river at 6 p. m. ; bivouacked near the ford, and on the following morning returned, by order of General Ames, to the camp near Bealeton Station. On the morning of the 13th instant, I was ordered by General Ames to report to Brigadier-General Russell, commanding detachment which had co-operated with General Gregg`s cavalry. On the 14th instant, marched, by his order, to near Brentsville, and encamped.