War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0444 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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mediate front, but who still strongly pressed the attack at this point where our lines had given way. For an instant it seemed to hang in the balance whether we should drive the enemy out of our works, which they had entered, or they succeed in carrying the position; but I firmly believe that the extraordinary exertions of a few officers, among whom were conspicuous the brigade commander and staff, Lieutenant Haskell, of the division staff, Colonel Mallon, and some officers of my own regiment whom I saw, the line was carried back to the rifle-pits, driving the enemy out. Just at this moment the enemy, as if actuated by one instinct, threw down their arms in a body, burst into our lines by hundreds, delivering themselves up as prisoners, and the battle was won, very few of the enemy attempting to retreat across the field to their own lines. We must have killed, wounded, and captured the entire attacking column, with comparatively few exceptions. I might add here that when the enemy first broke our lines, and our men rallied to retrieve the lost ground, the enemy's artillery again opened on our troops collecting at that point, and continued to fire after the position was retaken, seemingly intended for their own troops, who had delivered themselves up in such numbers. During the obstinate fight at this place, the two lines being actually hand to hand, my regiment captured four regimental colors from the enemy-one by Corpl. Joseph H. De Castro, Company I; another by Private John Robinson, Company I; another by Corpl. Benjamin F. Falls, Company A, and another by Private Benjamin H. Jellison, Company C. A fifth one was handed to me by a sergeant of my regiment, but on representations from General Webb that he took the colors and gave them to my sergeant for safe-keeping, it has been delivered over to him. Three of the four taken by my regiment were taken from the hands of the rebel color-bearers, the fourth picked up beyond the stone wall. Three of these {the Fourteenth, Nineteenth, and Fifty-seventh Virginia, and marked with the numbers of their regiments, respectively

have been turned over to the brigade commander. The fourth I am unable positively to account for, but have been informed was probably carried of the field by Major Rice when wounded, and by him taken home. That four were taken by my regiment, as above stated, I am sure, as I have minute statements in each case from company commanders whom I called on for a report. * I would be difficult to distinguish further than I have the individual officers and men under my command. The field and line officers universally and the men under my command behaved as steadily and as gallantly as men could do. I have but one instance of failure to report, that of Corporal {E. Augustus

Nichols, Company C, who was brought back, going to the rear, during the infantry fight.



Colonel Nineteenth Massachusetts, Comdg. Regiment.


A. A. A. G., Third Brig., Second Div., Second Corps.


*Medals of honor awarded to Corporal De Castro and Falls and Privates Jellison and Robinson for the capture of these flags. See also p. 441.