War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0412 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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tion on the front line. I remained in this position until mid afternoon, when the action commenced. For several hours I remained inactive under a severe shelling from the guns of the enemy. About 5 p. m., in compliance with orders from Colonel Brooke, commanding brigade, I, in connection with the brigade, moved by the left flank toward the left of the line, and formed in line of battle near a grain-field. The Sixty-fourth New York was on my right and the Twenty-seventh Connecticut on my left. In accordance with the orders of the brigade commander, I fixed bayonets, and, in line with the rest of the brigade, charged upon the enemy. The rebels gave way; were forced from a strong position on the crest of a hill in our immediate front. The position was held until the enemy commenced to mass heavy columns on our flanks for the purpose of cutting us off; then, in compliance with orders of Colonel Brooke, I retired, halting and reforming near Round Top hill. My command lost heavily in the action-about 70 per cent. My officers and men exhibited commendable gallantry throughout the action. During the night, my command was engaged in throwing up breastworks. On the 3d, I was in the entrenchments and under a heavy artillery fire, and also on the 4th. At noon on the 5th, I, in line with the brigade, marched, on the Baltimore pike, and bivouacked for the night at a place called Two Taverns, where we remained until midday of the 7th, when I moved to near Taneytown and bivouacked. On the 8th, marched over wretched roads and through a heavy rain-storm to near Frederick City. On the 9th, marched through Frederick; moved on the Harper's Ferry pike through Jefferson, and halted for the night near Burkittsville. On the 11th, about noon, arrived at Jones' Cross-Roads. I, in accordance with the orders of Colonel Brooke, deployed my regiment as skirmishers, and advanced to near the edge of a wood in which the rebel skirmishers were posted. There was lively firing on my left, but my regiment was not engaged. Toward evening I advanced to the wood. Line of battle was formed with the line of the brigade. During the night my command was actively engaged in throwing up breastworks covering my front. On the 12th and 13th, I lay inactive behind the earthworks. On the Morning of the 14th, in compliance with the orders of Colonel Brooke, I moved to the front of the fortifications, and deployed my command as skirmishers. The Second Delaware was on my right and my left joined the line of skirmishers of the Twelfth Corps, and rested on the Williamsport road. According to orders, I advanced cautiously, but had not gone far ere I discovered that the enemy had vacated his outer line of works near Williamsport. I moved to the right of the road, and, leaving the town on my right, advanced the skirmish line toward Falling Waters, near which place, in a ravine, a number of prisoners were captured. Near Falling Waters we bivouacked for the night. On the 15th, I moved through Sharpsburg to near Harper's Ferry. On the 16th, moved to Sandy Hook, near which place encamped. On the 18th, broke camp, and passed over the Potomac into Virginia. On the 20th, reached Bloomfield, near which place I remained until the 22d, when the column moved to Ashby's Gap, my command, in