War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0365 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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very much. At about 5 p. m., all infantry support having been driven back, the battery was compelled to retire through Gettysburg to Cemetery Hill. In this day's engagement about 400 rounds of ammunition were expended, but three guns being engaged, one axle having broken from recoil at the first few shots. The following are the casualties of this day's engagement, viz: Lieutenant Miller, wounded slightly; Private A. P Alcorn, wounded severely and taken prisoner; Private John Pauly, wounded severely; Private John W. Phillips, wounded severely; Private Asahel Shaffer, wounded slightly; 2 horses killed. At about sunset in the evening, having refilled the ammunition chests, the battery was placed in position, by order of Colonel Wainwright, on the crest of the hill in rear of Gettysburg, and fronting to the northeast. The battery remained in this position without firing until 9. 30 a. m., July 2, when occasional shots were fired at small bodies of the enemy's infantry and cavalry which were maneuvering in the skirts of timber from 1 mile to 1 1/4 miles distant until 4 p. m., when the enemy brought a number of 10 and 20 pounder Parrott guns into position in the open field about 1, 400 and 2, 000 yards distant, and opened a vigorous fire upon the position. To this fire the battery replied, and, with the assistance of a battery on its left, reynolds' and Stevens' batteries on the right, the enemy's guns were silenced in about two and a half hours' firing., The battery fired occasional shots into the position of these batteries until about 7 p. m., When it was relieved by Captain Ricketts' battery, and ordered by Colonel Wainwright to report to General Tyler, commanding Artillery Reserve, to refit and fill ammunition chests, one gun having been dismounted late in these day's engagement, I was again ready for action by 11 a. m., but, receiving no orders, the battery remained in General Tyler's camp until the 3rd instant. The casualties of this day's engagement were: Private J. H. McCleary, killed ; Private P. G. Hoagland, killed; Private Jesse Temple, wounded severely; Private J. C. Cornelius, wounded slightly; Private D. W. Taylor, wounded slightly; Corpl. Joseph Reed, wounded slightly; 1 horse killed, 2 horses disabled. About 500 rounds of ammunition were expended. On the afternoon of the 3rd instant, about 3 p. m., during a heavy cannonade, the battery was ordered into position among the batteries in the Second Corps front, and immediately opened upon a shattered battery of the enemy which was firing on our front. This battery soon ceased or withdrew. The infantry appeared, approaching over the crest of a hill about 1, 000 yards distant. Into this line this battery, in connection with the adjacent batteries, fired case shot until they reached canister range, when a few charges were fired into them, completely routing them, without any infantry assistance, The casualties of this day's engagement were: Private Frederick Workman, wounded slightly. About 150 rounds of ammunition were expended in this day's engagement. The battery remained in this day's engagement. The battery remained in this position until the afternoon of July 5, when, by order of Colonel Wainwright, it rejoined the Artillery Brigade, The total of ammunition expended in these three days' engagements was 1, 050 rounds.


Captain, Comdg. Battery B, Pennsylvania artillery.

Lieutenant A MATTHEWSON,

Actg. Asst, Adjt. General, Artillery Brig., First Army Corps.