War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0162 N . C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX

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Third Brigade.

Brigadier General Stephen H. Weed. Colonel Kenner Garrard.

140th New York: Colonel Patrick H. O'Rorke. Lieutenant Colonel Louis Ernst. 146th New York: Colonel Kenner Garrard. Lieutenant Colonel David T. Jenkins. 91st Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Cain.


Brigadier General Sasmuel W. Crawford.

First Brigade. Colonel William McCandless.

1st Pennsylvania Reserves (nine companies), Colonel william C. Talley.

2nd Pennsylvania Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel George A. Woodward.

6th Pennsylvania Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel Welington H. Ent.

13th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Charles F. Taylor. Major William R. Hartshorne.

Third Brigade. Colonel Joseph W. Fisher.

5th Pennsylvania Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel George Dare.

9th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel James McK. Snodgrass.

10th Pennsylvania Reserves, Col Adoniram J. Warner.

11th Pennsylvania Reserves, Colonel Samuel M. Jackson.

12th Pennsylvania Reserves (nine Companies), Colonel Martin D. Hardin.


Captain Augustus P. Martin. Massachusetts Light,

3rd Battery (C), Lieutenant Aaron F. Walcott.

1st New York Light, Battery C, Captain Almont Barnes.

1st Ohio Light, Battery L, Captain Frank C. Gibbs.

5th United States, Battery D: Lieutenant Charles E. Hazlett. Lieutenant Benjamin F. Rittenhouse.

5th United States, Battery I: Lieutenant Malbone F. Watson. Lieutenant Charles C. McConnell.


Major General Sengwick.


1st New Jersey Cavalry, Company L, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company H, Captain William S. Craft.

FIRST DIVISION. Brigadier General Horatio G. Wright. Provost Guard.

4th New Jersey (thre companies), Captain William R. Maxwell.

First Brigade. Brigadier General A. T. A. Torbert.

1st New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel William Henry, jr.

2nd New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Wiebecke.

3rd New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Edward L. Campbell.

15th New Jersey, Colonel William H. Penrose.

Second Brigade. Brigadier General Joseph J. Bartlett.

+ 5th Maine, Colonel Clark S. Edwards.

121st New York, Colonel Emory Upton.

95th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Carroll.

96th Pennsylvania, Major William H. Lessig.


*Joined corps June 28 The Second Brigade left in the Department of Washington.

+Also in command of Third Brigade, Third Division, on July 3.