War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0158 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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Second division.

Brigadier General John Gibbon. Brigadier William Harrow.


Brigadier General William Harrow. Colonel Francis E. Heath.

19th Maine: Colonel Francis E. Heath. Lieutenant Colonel Henry W. Cunningham.

15th Massachusetts: Colonel George H. Ward. Lieutenant Colonel George C. Joslin. 1st Minnesota:* Colonel William Colvill, jr. Captain Nathan

S. Messick. Captain Henry C. Coates.

82nd New York (2nd Militia):

Lieutenant Colonel James Huston. Captain John Darrow.

Third Brigade. Colonel Norman J. Hall.

19th Massachusetts, Colonel Arthur F. Devereux.

20th Massachusetts: Colonel Paul J. Revere. Lieutenant Colonel George N. Macy. Captain Henry L. Abbott.

7th Michigan: Lieutenant Colonel Amos E.

Steele, jr. Major Sylvanus W. Curtis.

42nd New York, Colonel James E. Mallon.

59th New York (four companies): Lieutenant Colonel Max A. Thoman.

Captain William McFadden.

Second Brigade.

Bri. General Alexander S. Webb.

69th Pennsylvania: Colonel Dennis O'Kane. Captain William Davis.

71st Pennsylvania, Colonel Richard Penn Smith.

72nd Pennsylvania: Colonel De Witt C. Baxter. Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Hesser.

106th Pennsylvania,

Lieutenant Colonel W. William L. Curry.

Unattached. Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 1st Company: Captain William Plumer Lieutenant Emerson

L. Bicknell.

Third Division.

Brigadier General Alexander Hays.

First Brigade. Colonel Samuel S. Carroll.

14th Indiana, Colonel John Coons.

4th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Leonard W. Carpenter.

8th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Sawyer.

7th West Wirginia, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan H. Lockwood.

Second Brigade. Colonel Thomas A. Smyth. Lieutenant Colonel Francis E. Pierce.

14th Connecticut, Major Theodore G. Ellis.

1st Delaware Lieutenant Colonel Edward P. Harris. Captain Thomas B. Hizar. Lieutenant William Smith. Lieutenant John T. Dent.

12th New Jersey, Major T. Hill.

10th New York (battalion) Major George F. Hopper.

108th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Francis E. Pierce.


* 2nd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters attached.