War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0157 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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Colonel Charles S. Wainwright.

Maine Light, 2nd Battery (B), Captain James A. Hall. Maine Light, 5th Battery (E):

Captain GreenleafT. Stevens. Lieutenant Edward N. Whitier.

1st New York Light, Battery L:* Captain Gilbert H Reynolds. Lieutenant George Breck.

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B, Captain James H. Cooper.

4th United States, Battery B,, Lieutenant James Stewart.


+ Major General Winfield S.

Hancock. Brigadier General John Gibbon.


6th New York

Calvary, Companies D and K, Captain Riley Jonson.


Brigadier General John C. Caldwell.

First Brigade.

Colonel Edward E. Cross. Colonel H. Boyd McKeen.

5th New Hampshire, Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. Happgood.

61st New York. Lieutenant Colonel K. Oscar Broday.

81st Pennsylvania: Colonel H. Boyd McKeen. Lieutenant Colonel Amos Stroh. 148th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Robert McFarlane.

Second brigade.

Colonel Patrick Kelly. 28th Massachusetts, Colonel R. Byrnes.

63rd New York (two companies): Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Bentley. Captain Thomas Touhy.

69th New York (two companies): Captain Richard Moroney. Lieutenant James J. Smith.

88th New York (two companies), Captain Denis F. Burke.

116th Pennsylvania (four companies), Major St. Clair A. Mulholland.

Third Brigade. Brigadier General Samuel K. Zook. Lieutenant Colonel John Fraser. 52nd New York: Lieutenant Colonel C. G. Freudenberg. Captain William Scherrer.

57th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Alford B. Chapman

66th New York: Colonel Orlando H. Morris. Lieut Colonel John S. Hammell. Major Peter Nelson.

140th Pennsylvania: Colonel Richard P. Roberts. Lieutenant Colonel John Fraser. Fourth Brigade. Colonel John R. Brooke.

27th Connecticut (two companies): Lieut Colonel Henry C Merwin. Major James H. Coburn. 2nd Delaware: Colonel William P. Baily. Captain Charles H. Christman.

64th New York: Colonel Daniel G. Bingham.

Major Leman W. Bradley.

53rd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Richards McMichael.

145th Pennsylvania (seven companies): Colonel Hiram L. Brown, Captain John W. Reynolds, Captain Moses W. Oliver.


*Battery E, 1st New York Light Artillery, attached.

+After the death of General Reynolds, General Hancock was assigned to the command of all the troops on the field of battle, relieving General Howard, who had succeeded General Reynolds. General Gibbon, of the Second Division, assumed command of the corps. These assignments terminated on the evening of July 1. Similar changes in commanders occurred during the battle of the 2d, when General Hancock was put in command of the Third Corps, in addition to that of his own. He was wounded on the 3d, and Brigadier General William Hays was assigned to the command of the corps.