War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0040 N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., PA., ETC. Chapter XXXIX.

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command of that district, and it is not known what command he had, unless his old one, which had Louisiana regiments in it, and it was in Jackson's now Ewell's corps. I do not feel like making a move for an enemy until I am satisfied as to his whereabouts. To proceed to Winchester and have him make his appearance elsewhere, would subject me to ridicule. With this feeling, unless otherwise directed, I feel it my duty to proceed to execute the movement indicated on yesterday. I will not, however, issue my order of march until the last moment, in the hope that further information may be received.




June 14, 1863-11, 55 p. m, .

{Received June 15, 12. 35 a. m.

Major-General HOOKER:

Yours of 11. 30 [11, 15] just received. You have nearly all the elements for forming an opinion whether. Winchester is surrounded that I have. I really fear, almost believe, it is. No communication has been had with it during the day, either at Martinsburg or Harper's Ferry. At 7 p. m. we also lost communication with Martinsburg. The enemy had also appeared there some hours before. At 9 p. m. Harper's Ferry said the enemy was reported at Berryville and Smithfield. If I could know that Longstreet and Ewell moved in that direction so long ago as you stated in your las, then I should feel sure that Winchester is strongly invested. It is quite certain that a considerable force of the enemy is thereabout, and I fear it is an overwhelming one compared with Milroy's. I am unable to give you any more certain opinions.



June 14, 1863-12 midnight.

Major-General HOOKER,


No doubt is entertained here that Milroy is surrounded at Winchester, and so closely invested that no scout or other information has been had from him later than 11 o'clock Saturday night. Tyler was also surrounded to-day at Martinsburg. Jenkins was there, and demanded the surrender of the place. Heavy firing was heard in that vicinity until 7 o'clock, and then ceased. The telegraphic communication was broken at the same time, and nothing is known here of the result. The report here is that Ewell's force is at Winchester; this comes from Milroy by the last dispatch sent by him, Saturday night, to General Schenck. Your dispatch has been sent to the President who will probably reply soon.



June 15, 1863-9. 15 a. m.

Major-General HALLECK:

The First, Third, Sixth, and Eleventh Corps, with the cavalry, will be assembled at Manassas and Centreville to-night. They have in-