War of the Rebellion: Serial 043 Page 0013 Chapter XXXIX. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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Numbers 314. -Lieutenant Edward D. Muhlenburg, Fourth U. S. Artillery, commanding Artillery Brigade, Twelfth Army Corps.

Numbers 315. -Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler, commanding Artillery Reserve, Army of the Potomac.

Numbers 316. -Lieutenant Cornelius Gillett, First Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Ordnance Officer Artillery Reserve.

Numbers 317. -Lieutenant Gulian V. Weir, Battery C, Fifth U. S. Artillery, First Regular Brigade.

Numbers 318. -Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery, First Maine Artillery, commanding First Volunteer Brigade.

Numbers 319. -Captain Charles A. Phillips, Battery E, Massachusetts Light Artillery.

Numbers 320. -Lieutenant Richard S. Milton, Ninth Massachusetts Battery.

Numbers 321. -Captain Patrick Hart, Fifteenth New York Battery.

Numbers 322. -Lieutenant Andrew R. McMahon, Fifteenth New York Battery.

Numbers 323. -Captain James Thompson, Batteries C and F, Pennsylvania Light Artillery.

Numbers 324. -Captain Franklin A. Pratt, Battery M, First Connecticut Artillery, Second Volunteer Brigade.

Numbers 325. -Captain Elijah D. Taft, Fifth New York Battery.

Numbers 326. -Captain Frederick M. Edgell, First New Hampshire Battery, Third Volunteer Brigade.

Numbers 327. -Lieutenant George W. Norton, Battery H, First Ohio Light Artillery.

Numbers 328. - Captain R. Bruce Ricketts, Batteries G, First Pennsylvania Light Artillery.

Numbers 329. -Captain Wallace Hill, Battery C, First West Virginia Light Artillery.

Numbers 330. -Captain Robert H. Fitzhugh, First New York Light Artillery, Commanding Fourth Volunteer Brigade.

Numbers 331. -Lieutenant Edwing B. Dow, Sixth Maine Battery.

Numbers 332. -Captain James H. Rigby, Battery A, Maryland d Light Artillery.

Numbers 333. -Lieutenant Augustin N. Parsons, Battery A, New Jersey Light Artillery.

Numbers 334. -Captain Nelson Ames, Battery G, First New York Light Artillery.

Numbers 335. -Major Charles Ewi, Fourth New Jersey Infantry, Train Guard.

Numbers 336. -Major General Alfred Pleasonton, U. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Corps.

Numbers 337. -Brigadier General John Buford, U. S. Army, commanding First Division.

Numbers 338. -Colonel William Gamble, Eighth Illinois Cavalry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 339. -Colonel Thomas C. Devin, Sixth New York Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 340. -Brigadier General Wesley Merritt, U. S. Army, commanding Reserve Brigade.

Numbers 341. -Captain Julius W. Mason, Fifth U. S. Cavalry.

Numbers 342. -Captain George C. Cram, Sixth U. S. Cavalry.

Numbers 343. -Lieutenant Nicholas Nolan. Sixth U. S. Cavalry.

Numbers 344. -Brigadier General David McM. Gregg, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.

Numbers 345. - Colonel Alfred N. Duffie, First Rhode Island Cavalry, commanding Second Division and regiment.

Numbers 346. -Captain Frank Allen, First Rhode Island Cavalry.

Numbers 347. -Colonel Percy Wyndham, First New Jersey Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade, Third Division.

Numbers 348. -Colonel John B. McIntosh, Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, commanding First Brigade, Second Division.

Numbers 349. -Major Hugh H. Janeway, First New Jersey Cavalry.

Numbers 350. -Colonel John P. Taylor, First Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Numbers 351. -Major Oliver O. G. Robinson, Third Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Numbers 352. -Colonel Pennock Huey, Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 353. -Lieutenant Colonel William Stedman, Sixth Ohio Cavalry.