War of the Rebellion: Serial 042 Page 0540 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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ing report,* and to state for the information of the major-general commanding that my post return has been regularly forwarded, and a report made by almost every mail of the number of troops in my command, and I am, therefore, surprised that information so often given should not have come to the attention of the major-general commanding. In regard to the 500 stand of arms which I desired to retain, I have the honor to state that I have never received but 90 upon my requisition. Colonel Stockton, is turning out arms from gun material in his possession, but, in consequence of the small quantity of labor subject to his control, some time must elapse before the number of arms, which I require can be furnished me. As far as my success in raising troops is concerned, I have succeeded in organizing but one company of exempts, which company I armed and equipped, and sent immediately to the assistance of Colonel Benavides. Men separately and in squads are arriving here daily to report to Colonel Ford. Colonel Ford has been waiting anxiously for instructions from the major-general commanding touching his proposed expedition to the Lower Rio Grande.

Having promised to arm his troops, I shall proceed to place in his hands, as soon as companies are organized, such arms as I receive from Colonel Stockton upon the requisition for 500 arms,approved by the major-general commanding which arms, he informed me, I could place in the hands of organized companies raised in this vicinity. I hope also to be able to borrow arms from private individuals to place in the hands of Colonel Ford's men.

Ragsdale's company, of Davidson's battalion, has never reported to me. I am informed unofficially that it has gone below.

In reply to your inquiry as to the umber of guns in my command, I have the honor to state that I have not a gun or particle of ammunition excepting such as I obtained upon requisitions approved by the major-general commanding, now in the hands of a small squad of men, which is barely sufficient for a garrison guard. Adams' company, State troops, and Sneed's detachment of 24 men, are all the troops now stationed at this post. Sneed's detachment has been again ordered away by Colonel Duff, but as I am fully aware that it is not the intention of the major-general commanding to evacuate this post, I deemed it my duty to retain this company here until further instructions from district headquarters. I though at one time that I had control of the home organizations, but disobedience to recent orders issued from these headquarters indicates the intention upon their part to act only in an emergency, and not perform the duties of soldiers under the direction of the military authorities. I cannot look to them for assistance, therefore, and am compelled to perform more than ordinary duty with the small body of men who are subject to my orders. I can do nothing with the thirty-first Battalion Texas State troops. Five men from it have reported at the end of six weeks; besides, they have been ordered by Colonel Duff to Fort Ewell.

I beg, captain that you will call the attention of the major-general commanding to the question of supplies at this post; it is a very important matter, and has engaged my attention for several weeks past. Something else, too, will have to be done to supply transportation besides ordering its impressment in accordance with the impressment law. If 2,500 or 3,000 men are to be supplied with subsistence west of this point, the articles of subsistence as well as the transportation will have to come from the east. But little impressable transportation reaches