War of the Rebellion: Serial 042 Page 0513 Chapter XXXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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or reported his march in any way, he will do so. Colonel Darden will remain with his headquarters at Victoria. One company of his regiment, now at Matagorda, has been ordered to join him at Victoria. A second company of his regiment, from Velasco, has also been ordered to join him, and one of the two companies now with you will report to him at Victoria; the other of the two with you will proceed to Gonzales, and report to the engineer officer at that place. Gregg's company now with Colonel Darden, will continue with him. Colonel Darden will be directed to perform such duties on the coast as may be necessary, to observe the enemy, and to capture small parties. Should it become necessary for you to fall back from the coast in consequence of the advance of the enemy on your front, you will burn all the boats of every kind, and burn and destroy all saw and grist mills. If you find the enemy advancing on Laredo, send information of the fact at once to these headquarters. You will retain your headquarters at Victoria as long as possible, and, should it be necessary to change them by reason of the advance of the enemy on Laredo, you will report the advance of the enemy on Laredo, and await orders from these headquarters. Your command may at the same time be more needed at a more vital point in this part of the country.

You will report the advance of the enemy, when, if necessary, you will receive from these headquarters orders to move.

I am, &c.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

(Copy to General Bee.)

[Memorandum added to above.]

Colonel Baird, two companies of State troops, now supposed to be in Blanco County, Major Sullivan's command, Colonel Darden's a portion of Richardson', and all troops in the Western Sub-District are ordered to report to you. Whether these reports are received by you or not, you will assume command of all the troops in the Western Sub-District, reporting by letter to Brigadier-General Bee.

Liken's regiment will be ordered to take post as soon as the arms have arrived at Texana, but will not march for San Antonio unless ordered from these headquarters. Should you have an opportunity to strike a blow at the enemy, should he land at Indianola or Lavaca, you are authorized to call upon the commanding officer of Liken's regiment to assist you in so doing, and will assume command of and move that regiment for that purpose, but it must not be moved from the neighborhood of Victoria, Texana, and Indianola without orders from these headquarters, it being desirable to hold it and your own within reaching distance of this place should th enemy make a flank movement by the peninsula of Matagorda.

Should the enemy advance in force from the coast toward San Antonio, you will cause all stores that may be at the depot ordered to be established near Gonzales to be removed,if possible, in time to Columbus or the nearest point to the east bank of the Colorado River, destroying corn and all stores that cannot be moved to prevent their falling into the hands of the enemy. This rule is general.

You are authorized to avail yourself of the impressment act to the fullest extent of the law. You will report frequently to these headquarters, through Brigadier-General Bee,as long as he may remain with that portion of the army, and direct, when important information is to