War of the Rebellion: Serial 042 Page 0510 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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Jones will constitute the reserve artillery. Hughes' and Jones' batteries will receive their orders direct from the chief of artillery, Colonel S. P. Bankhead; Creuzbaur's battery will be subject to the orders of the commanding officer at Galveston, and Nichols' to the orders of the commanding officer at Sabine Pass.

III. This arrangement will not change the position of any of the troops constituting the garrison, or portions thereof, of any fort or post.

IV. Colonel Baird, with such companies of his regiment as he has raised or may raise will report to Brigadier-General Bee, commanding Western Sub-District. This regiment will be brigaded with Colonels Darden's and Richardson's regiments, and will be known as the Third Brigade of Cavalry, First Division.

The unattached companies of exempts in San Antonio and Austin, and in the counties west of the Colorado, and the companies of minute-men which may have been or may be formed in these counties, will be organized by Brigadier-General Bee into regiments or battalions, and brigaded, and will be known as the Fourth Brigade, First Division. The Third and Fourth Brigades of Cavalry, First Division, will be commanded by Colonel Baird.

V. Dashiell's battery of horse artillery, Greer's rocket battery, and [H. H.] Christmas' light battery will be attached to General Bee's command, and distributed as he may judge best. Such troops as Colonel Benavides may raise will be commanded by Brigadier-General Bee, who will also administer the affairs of the Western Sub-District.

VI. Brigadier-General Slaughter will command all the troops of the Second Division, and will also administer the affairs of the Eastern Sub-District. The mounted companies of Captains [H. B.] Andrews and [C. B.] Sutton, being on special service, are excepted from his command. These officers are expected to devote their time and attention, however to the troops, especially to see that they are properly drilled and instructed in their duties, and that they are properly cared for, and as w ell armed and clad as circumstances will permit. They will superintend, whenever practicable the drills, personally and will labor to make good and efficient and obedient soldiers of their men. All officers are called upon to give them their hearty support and co-operation. The commanding general is well assured the men will do so, for no army is composed of better material and nobler men than he has the honor to command.

By command of Major General J. Bankhead Magruder:


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


December 17, 1863.


MY DEAR GENERAL: Permit me to introduce to you Major Flowere, of my staff. I desire him to see so much of your defense and operations as a brief visit to Charleston will enable him to see.

I am very anxious about my outer line. I hardly know whether to make it a good deal weaker in order to use the guns, &c., nearer the city, or to endeavor, despite the great difficulties, to make it a great deal stronger.

It will be difficult to obstruct or to effectually defend the channel by Fort Morgan, but I am going to attempt it.