War of the Rebellion: Serial 042 Page 0453 Chapter XXXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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Therefore all minute- men, all exempts- in short, every man capable of bearing arms west of the Colorado- are now urged by every consideration of honor, duty, and interest to arm themselves with such weapons as they can procure, and proceed to the camp of General Bee, either at Larco Creek, low down on the San Antonio River, or at Victoria, where it is more likely he will be, reporting to him in person, if possible, or by letter if he should be absent in the neighborhood, which can be easily ascertained.

Those not attached to companies will form themselves into such temporary organizations as the emergency will admit of, and all minutemen, exempts, or other able bodied men capable of bearing arms from the counties east of the Colorado and south of a line running due west from Nacogdoches to the Colorado River, are urgently called upon to rendezvous at Columbia and Texana, whichever may be nearest to the place of residence, to assist in repelling this invasion of our soil which the enemy has dared to make. Those not organized, to Lieutenant Colonel J. D. McAdoo, assistant adjutant- general, State troops, Houston.

The commanding general urgently calls upon you to make a united struggle and persevering effort to drive the enemy from your State, and to deprive him at once of the power to lay waste, burn, and destroy your homes and your property, and perpetrate upon the people of Texas the atrocities which have marked his course in less fortunate communities. The commanding general solemnly assures you that there is no treason in Texas which has not been properly rebuked and made to hide its head in shame or impotent rage, and th e patriotic, who are in an immense majority, need only unity of action and willingness to submit to temporary sacrifices to secure the blessings of independence and the rights which a brave and gallant people know so well how to cherish and defend. Rest assured that, as soon as the enemy develops his plans, he will be in your midst, and where danger threatens the most, to share your hardships and witness your triumphs. He commends especially to the confidence of the people of Western Texas the gallant general commanding that sub- district, who has stood so long a sentinel, almost singly, to defend his post until his people could be aroused from their peaceful pursuits and formed into "line of battle to the front," under banners that have never yet known disaster or disgrace. Rally around his standard, and show him by your presence that he has, as he deserves, your confidence.


Major- General, Commanding Dist. of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.



Houston, November 27, 1863.


* * * * * * *


XVIII. Brigadier General H. P. Bee is hereby directed to proceed with all the available forces he may have in hand to Victoria, to the support of Colonel Pyron, establishing his headquarters at Victoria. He will communicate freely and frequently with these headquarters.


* * * * * * *


By order of Major- General Magruder.


Assistant Adjutant- General.