War of the Rebellion: Serial 042 Page 0330 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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acter to arrest them successfully. It is reported that they are increasing daily in numbers, and just as soon as it is possible to move upon them I shall commence active operations. I find that a good many men among the State troops have been illegally drafter; some preachers, some over age, &c. Shall we discharge these men upon positive proof, or force them to serve their time out, or get out by habeas corpus? I have just heard of a few men among the State troops who have entered the Confederate States Army for three years, or the war, and put substitutes in their places, and are now drafted. Should they be discharged, or held for six months?

I inclose you copies of letters from Colonel Gould any myself, which you will please submit to the major-general, that he may see the effect that independent commanders produce in the same district.

I have no news of importance from the Indian Territory since my last.

I am anxiously waiting for the funds the general promised to send me from Houston. If it is possible, by any means, send me some 2,000 blankets, shoes, and from 1,000 to 2,000 suits of clothes for immediate use. These things are indispensable to our comfort at this time.

Most respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Northern Sub-District

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]


Clarksville, Tex., October 12, 1863.


Commanding Northern Sub-District, &c.:

GENERAL: Your letter, per Lieutenant [Alex.] McCuloch, was received, as was also your letter of the 9th instant. I have to say that your views will be strictly regarded by me, and that I shall take no steps without consultation with you. I do not consider that I was ordered to report to you, or that I was under your command, but, considering you supperiously of rank, and the command you have, I thought best to lay my orders before you, in order than we might co-operate. I shall endeavor to conform to your views, as set forth in the letters referred to, and shall use only pacific measures to bring these men referred to under the orders again into the service. I shall require all officers and men in your district to report to you, but I cannot, consistently with the orders I have, order them to report to an inferior officer. In the case of Captain Murray, referred to, I have taken such steps as will undoubtedly cause him to come in; should he not, however, the major-general commanding will expect me to compel him to do so, and I only will be responsible if he should not. There are other deserters in the Eastern Sub-District whom it is necessary for me to bring up. Orders touching these men have been issued, and I fear the forces sent will be too small to bring them again to duty. Should it prove so, I intend to send all the forces at my command, and clean them up as I come to them. The men in this county to whom you have sent your letter of the 29th September, I have seen, and they express their willingness to co-operate with me in any action I may take in this county.

I would inform you, general, that I have issued orders to that portion of my regiment in Northern Texas to rendezvous on North Sulphur, in Lamar County, on the 20th of this month. In order that these men, about 400 in number, be encamped with any degree of comfort, it is necessary that I have cooking utensils, some tents, and transportation.