War of the Rebellion: Serial 042 Page 0073 Chapter XXXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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directed to lay in the necessary supplies for these two regiments in addition to your own.

The general directs that you remain with your regiment at Columbus, in camp, until further orders from these headquarters.

You will send back a courier to Brigadier-General Bee, informing him of your position, &c., and acknowledge the receipt and execution of this order to these headquarters by the courier who bears this letter.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

List of commanders of divisions, brigades, and regiments in the District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Rank. Name. Station.

Major-general. J. B. Magruder. Headquarters,


Brigadier- H. P. Bee. Headquarters,

general. Brownsville.

Do. W. R. Scurry. Headquarters,


Colonel. S. P. Bankhead. San Antonio.

Do. X. B. Debray. Galveston.

Do. P. N. Luckett. Fort Brown.

Do. W. R. Bradfute. Corpus Christi.

Do. J. J. Cook. Galveston.

Do. P. C. Woods. Brownsville.

Do. C. L. Pyron. Galveston.

Do. J. Bates. Velasco.

Do. H. M. Elmore. Galveston.

Do. A. M. Hobby. Corpus Christie.

Do. E. J. Gurley. Hempstead.

Do. N. C. Gould. Columbus.

Do. B. W. Stone. Dallas.

Do. G. W. Baylor. Brenham.

Do. P. Hardeman. Victoria.

Do. A. Buchel. Caricitas.

Do. James Duff. Brownsville.

Do. A. W. Terrell. Navasota.

Do. S. M. Baird. San Antonio.

Do. Joseph Phillips. Columbus.

Lieutenant- R. R. Brown. Alleyton.


Do. A. W. Spaight. Sabine.

Do. A. H. Davidson. Colorado Co.

Do. W. H. Griffin. Galveston.

Rank. Command. Remarks.

Major-general. District of Texas,

New Mexico, and


Brigadier- Western Sub-District

general. of Texas.

Do. Eastern Sub-District. On sick leave.

of Texas.

Colonel. Post. Under orders to

establish and command

the Northern Sub-

District, by

direction of



Do. Post and regiment In temporary command

cavalry. of Eastern Sub-

District during

absence of General


Do. Post and Third Texas Under orders to march

Infantry. his command to

Eastern Sub-District.

Do. Post. In charge of coast

defenses west.

Do. Regiment field


Do. Regiment cavalry. En route to Eastern


Do. Regiment cavalry, En route for

Second Mounted Louisiana.


Do. Regiment cavalry, Do.

infantry, and


Do. Regiment infantry,

Twentieth Texas.

Do. Regiment infantry,

Eighth Texas.

Do. Regiment cavalry, En route to Northern

Thirtieth Texas. Sub-District.

Do. Regiment cavalry, En route for Velasco.

Twenty-third Texas.

Do. Regiment cavalry. En route for


Do. Regiment cavalry. Do.

Do. Regiment cavalry, En route for Northern

First Regiment Sub-District.

Arizona Brigade.

Do. Regiment cavalry, En route for Eastern

First Texas Rifles. Sub-District.

Do. Regiment cavalry.

Do. Regiment cavalry. Just organized.

Do. Regiment cavalry, Organizing.

Fourth Regiment,

Arizona Brigade.

Do. Regiment cavalry, En route for

Third Regiment, Louisiana.

Arizona Brigade.

Lieutenant- Battalion cavalry. Ordered to Galveston.


Do. Battalion mixed arms. Do.

Do. Battalion cavalry. First Battalion

Arizona Brigade

ordered to Northern


Do. Battalion infantry. Ordered to Sabine.

HEADQUARTERS, Houston, Tex., June 17, 1863.