War of the Rebellion: Serial 042 Page 0065 Chapter XXXVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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7. Conscripts.-I have done all in my power to send conscripts out of the State to their regiments in the field, but with little success. I found the system of detailing such conscripts as had teams to haul cotton for Government contractors in full operation, and I have not been able to get even an account of them.

The conscript service here is under the orders of the lieutenant-general commanding the department. I think it ought to be under those of the commanding officer of this district. It was so thought by Major [J. P.] Flewellyn, late superintendent of conscripts, and recommended, but nothing has been heard of it since. Major Flewellyn resigned, and there being no one to take his place, I assigned Colonel John S. Ford to the position, being under the impression that he was a colonel in the Provisional Army. I have learned since that the Secretary of War has decided adversely to Colonel Ford's claims to rank, and therefore he is out of service. This is only a rumor, however. In the meantime, I beg that Colonel John S. Ford may be assigned to duty here as superintendent of conscripts, with such rank as the law allows the Executive to confer upon him.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding District, &c.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]


Houston, Tex., June 8, 1863.

List of recommendations by Major-General Magruder for promotions and appointments:

Brigadier General W. R. Scurry, from Texas, to be major-general.

Leon Smith, from Texas, to be commander in the navy.

Colonel X. B. Debray, from Texas, to be brigadier-general.

Colonel P. N. Luckett, from Texas, to be brigadier-general.

Colonel S. P. Bankhead, from Virginia, to be brigadier-general.

Major A. G. Dickinson, assistant adjutant and inspector general, Virginia, to be lieutenant-colonel in that department.

V. Sulakiwski, from Louisiana, to be colonel of artillery.

C. G. Forshey, from Texas, to be lieutenant-colonel of artillery.

J. Kellersber, from Texas, to be lieutenant-colonel of artillery.

Major O. M. Watkins, from Louisiana, to be lieutenant-colonel, Adjutant and Inspector General's Department.

Captain E. P. Turner, from Virginia, to be major and assistant adjutant-general.

Private N. B. Slight, from Louisiana, to be captain and assistant adjutant-general.

Henry Pendleton, from Virginia, to be major and quartermaster, vice Major Minter, promoted to the staff of Lieutenant-General Smith.

First Lieutenant H. M. Stanard, from Virginia, t be captain and assistant adjutant-general.

J. Adair Murray, from Texas, to be first lieutenant and aide-de-camp.

Captain Charles M. Mason, from Texas, to be major of artillery, to command marine artillery.

First Lieutenant E. Burke, from Texas, to be captain and assistant quartermaster.