War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0822 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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Numbers 10.

Barrancas, Fla., November 24, 1863.

* * *

V. Citizens from the direction of the Perdido River will not be permitted to pass the pickets either within or without our lines till further orders.

* * *

VIII. 1. Information having been received that the rebels intend making a serious attack on our positions, commanders of brigades and forts will hold their troops ready for action, and use all precautions usual in face of the enemy.

2. Commanders of regiments will inspect at once cartridge-boxes, see that they are filled, and that 100 rounds of ammunition per man is on hand, easily accessible.

3. Colonel Holbrook, commanding brigade, will divided his infantry as nearly as possible into three parts, to relieve each other every 24 hours. One-third will be posted along the intrenched line between Fort Barrancas, the redoubt, and the Bayou Grande, and along the bayou to picket-post Numbers 5, in adequate squads, in places easiest to be crossed or most exposed to an attack. One-third will rest on their arms in their respective camps, ready to join, in case of an alarm, the forces already posted, without waiting for orders, and strengthen our line of defense. The remaining third will be held as a reserve and camp guard.

4. The signal of alarm will be given by the firing of two blanks in rapid succession from any of the guns at Fort Barrancas or the redoubt, but only at the order of the respective commanding officer. At this signal, he forces resting on their arms in their camp will be marched to the respective posts along the intrenchment and Big Bayou, and the reserve will be formed and await orders.

5. The squads on duty on the intrenched and bayou line will stack arms and rest. Care will, however, be taken to post a sufficient number of sentinels in well-connected chain.

6. Colonel Holbrook will place two pieces of artillery in a proper position, between the redoubt and the Big Bayou, to assist the redoubt in controlling the crossing of the swamps, and two pieces at picket-post Numbers 5, to prevent the crossing of the narrow portion of the bayou, not sufficiently covered by the gunboats at the mouth of the bayou. The colonel will order a sufficient number of men of his own regiment to serve these guns efficiently, adding to them the required guard from the Fourteenth Regiment, Corps d'Afrique.

7. The cavalry will be divided into three squads, and, patrolling constantly by relief along the picket line, will communicate immediately anything of importance to Fort Barrancas or the redoubt, and to district headquarters.

8. The intrenched and stockade line between the sea-shope, Fort Barrancas, and the redoubt will be improved at once, and the opening near Fort Barrancas properly protected against a cavalry dash. Colonel Holdbrook will have detailed 60 men as a working party, to work in squads of 20 men each, in charge of a commissioned officer, uninterruptedly day and night, relieving every six hours. They will have their arms stacked for immediate use in case of an alarm. Lieutenant [John Q.] Dickinson, acting assistant quartermaster, will furnish the required material, tools, and mechanics, and, during the day, 25 laborers, and Captain Larned, Second U. S. Artillery, commanding Fort Barrancas, will detail an officer to superintend the work properly.