War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0710 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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Brigadier General ALBERT L. LEE.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE F. McGINNIS.

11th Indiana, Colonel Daniel Macauley.

24th Indiana, Colonel William T. Spicely.

34th Indiana, Captain Robert G. Morrison.

46th Indiana, Colonel Thomas H. Bringhurst.

29th Wisconsin, Lieutenant Colonel William A. Greene.

2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Battery E, Lieutenant Emil Steger.

16th Ohio Battery, Lieutenant R. P. Twist.

Second Brigade.


87th Illinois, Colonel John E. Whiting.

47th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel John A. McLaughlin.

24th Iowa, Lieutenant Colonel John Q. Wilds.

28th Iowa, Colonel John Connell.

56th Ohio, Colonel William H. Raynor.

1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery A, Lieutenant Charles M. Callahan.

2nd Ohio Battery, Lieutenant A. Beach.


Brigadier General MICHAEL K. LAWLER.*

First Brigade.+

16th Indiana, Major Robert Conover.

60th Indiana, Captain Augustus Goelzer.

67th Indiana, Major Francis A. Sears.

83rd Ohio, Colonel Frederick W. Moore.

96th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Albert H. Brown.

23rd Wisconsin, Captain James M. Bull.

17th Ohio Battery, Lieutenant Wm. Hunt, jr.

Second Brigade.

Lieutenant Colonel JOHN COWAN.

77th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel L. R. Webb.

97th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel L. D. Martin.

130th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Matheny.

19th Kentucky, Captain Wm. T. Cummins.

48th Ohio, Captain Isaac L. Tice.

Chicago Mercantile Battery, Captain Patrick H. White.


Colonel JOHN J. MUDD.

2nd Illinois (seven companies), Major Hugh Fullerton.

3rd Illinois (five companies), Captain Robert H. Carnahan.

15th Illinois, Company C, Captain Joseph Adams.

36th Illinois, Company A, Captain George A. Willis.

1st Indiana, Company C, Captain James L. Carey.

4th Indiana, Company C, Captain Andrew P. Gallagher.

6th Missouri (seven companies), Major Bacom Montgomery.




Brigadier General GODFREY WEITZEL.

First Brigade.


2nd Louisiana, Major Alfred Hodsdon.

30th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel William W. Bullock.

116th New York, Captain John M. Sizer.

161st New York, Lieutenant Colonel William B. Kinsey.

174th New York, Lieutenant Robert S. Vandenburgh.


*Commanding since August 15, vice Brigadier General A. J. Smith, assigned August 5 to command of the District of Columbus. Special Orders, Numbers 43, Headquarters Thirteenth Army Corps.


+Brigadier General S. G. Burbridge on sick leave.

#Organized August 14; detachment of Second Wisconsin Cavalry ordered same day to join the regiment, in Seventeenth Army Corps.

&This corps was reorganized under Special Orders, Numbers 200, Headquarters Department of the Gulf, of August 15, Major-General Franklin being assigned to command. He assumed command August 20.

^On July 15, Major-General Augur (going on sick leave) was superseded in command of the old First Division by Brigadier-General Weitzel. On August 15, Weitzel was assigned to the division as reorganized; Colonel Jacob Sharpe reported as in command of it August 20, and Weitzel does not appear to have assumed command earlier than September 1. The Third Brigade at Camp Hubbard, Thibodeaux; remainder of the division at Baton Rouge.