War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0474 W.FLA., S.ALA., S.MISS., LA., TEX., N.MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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should be taken, in view of the fact that it must implicate himself; which was decided that it should.

The commission was then opened.

Question. Please state your name, rank, and the command you held on the 9th instant.

Answer. Augustus W. Benedict, lieutenant-colonel, commanding Fort Regiment Infantry, Corps d'Afrique.

Question. Please state what steps were taken to quell the disturbance at Fort Jackson on the 9th instant.

Answer. As quick s the outbreak occurred, Colonel Drew and myself proceeded to the parade ground, and ordered the men to disperses and go to their quarters. They refused to do it, and we expostulated with them; tried to quell them by reasoning and talking with them. This failed for that instant, but finally succeeded. No force was resorted to. Nearly every officer in the regiment present was there. I can't say that there were any not there. They used the same means. I did not see Major Nye there. I saw Captain Miller, the officer of the day, I think, on the parapet.

Question. Do you think the outbreak could have been put down if force had been resorted to at the first commencement of it?

Answer. Not by any force that the white officers present could have used.

Question. Had you noticed any disposition among the men to mutiny previous to the disturbance on the 9th?

Answer. Not during the time I was in command. I was only placed in command the day before.

Question. Was there at Fort Jackson?

Answer. Not to my knowledge. There was certainly no manifestation of it.

Question. Did you ever have the Rules and Articles of War read to the men?

Answer. I have.

Question. Do you know whether the company commanders have ever done so?

Answer. I do not.

Question. Did you notice any men disposed to do right on the night of the disturbance?

Answer. I did.

Question. What proportion of the regiment do you suppose were disposed to do right?

Answer. I should think four-fifths, but I do not think they could have been relied upon in putting down the others.

Question. What did you say to the men on the parade to quiet them?

Answer. The only remark that called for an answer from me was: "We want to be treated as soldiers." I replied, "Those boys were bad boys, and I treated them as such," and they then cried, "Don't shoot; don't shoot."

Question. What offense had the two boys to whom you refer committed?

Answer. The immediate offense was going to a sentinel, and telling him the sergeant of the guard had permitted them to go out, and going out on that pretense.

The examination of Lieutenant-Colonel Benedict was here closed.

The commission the adjourned until 5 p.m.