War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0466 W.FLA., S.ALA., S.MISS., LA., TEX., N.MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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Answer. Those that I saw go out on the parade were not.

Question. What was the firing at?

Answer. I think it was without object.

Question. Did you see Colonel Drew, and what was he doing during the disturbance?

Answer. I saw Colonel Drew in the parade ground, near a crowd of men. I saw him only for a moment. When I saw him, he seemed to be endeavoring to quiet the men. He appeared to be talking to them.

Question. What has been the conduct of the men since Lieutenant-Colonel Benedict's departure?

Answer. They seem to be the same as before, and obey the orders given them.

Question. What would be the result if he were ordered back?

Answer. I do not think it would be prudent for him personally. I do not think the men would submit to be commanded by him with a good degree of discipline.

Question. Did the non-commissioned officers take part in the disturbance?

Answer. I think I saw two or three with chevrons on.

Question. Was there ill-feeling toward Lieutenant-Colonel Benedict before this?

Answer. My impression is that there was, but I do not know personally. I think it was on account of some punishment inflicted upon men.

Question. What are the punishments in your regiment? Do you punish without court-martial, and how?

Answer. Confinement in the guard-house, carrying ball and chain, and in one instance a man was tied up by the thumbs. Unless charges are preferred within twenty-four hours, or before the next guard-mounting, the new officer of the day has orders to release him the prisoner.

Question. Do you know of the men having any other subject of complaint?

Answer. Personally I do not. I have heard so since the disturbance, but not from the men. It was in the case of two punishments at Fort Saint Philip.

Question. At the time you heard blows, you say you heard pleading. What was the nature of the pleading-for mercy, or that the person inflicting the blows would desist?

Answer. It was using such words as, "Don't; I won't do it again."

Question. Were any of the officers or warrant officers ready and disposed to repress the mutiny by shooting? What is the general feeling on the subject?

Answer. I think that it was the feeling of a portion of the officers that if it could not be quieted in any other way, they would resort to shooting. I do not think the non-commissioned officers would resort to those means.

The evidence of Major Nye was here closed.

Captain JAMES MILLER, Fourth Infantry, Corps d'Afrique, was then duly sworn by the judge-advocate.

Question. Please state your name, rank, regiment, and what position you were filling on the 9th instant.

Answer. James Miller; captain Company D, Fourth Regiment Infantry, Corps d'Afrique; I was officer of the day at Fort Jackson on the 9th instant.

Question. Please state what unusual transactions, if any, took place at Fort Jackson on that day.