War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0407 Chapter XXXVIII. THE RIO GRANDE EXPEDITION, ETC.

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he was able, only in appearance, to obtain the command of the soldiers, including him who subscribes himself their chief, all being Mexicans, belonging to the country, and, as Liberals, they are disposed to sacrifice themselves to sustain and protect the constitution of 1857, no less than the Government from which it emanates. He then made the first step toward discord, issuing a proclamation, in which he could not avoid showing the tendency of his ideas, contrary tot he fundamental letter of the Republic, and of the legitimate Government established by virtue of it, crowning the work which he proposed to erect in Tamaulipas with the abortion of a plan, which, reduced to writing and signed, should take the place of that. What madness!

At this state of things it was necessary to work as became the defenders of the code of 1857. Consequently Cobos was shot. As for the rest, the garrison, with the people and the first ayuntamiento (common council) of this heroic city, have done away with the proclamation by raising the siege, and the consequent result by changing the face of the State, purely with the feeling that it enters upon constitutional order, under whose standard all citizens and inhabitant will have the guarantees stipulated by law, to whose preservation I have consecrated the arms of the faithful soldiery which are subservient to me.


[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

The plan which the former exposition contracts says thus:

In the heroic city of Matamoras, on the 7th day of November, 1863, the subscribers united themselves for the purpose of deliberating upon the situation in which the Republic finds itself, threatened on one side by the loss of her independence, and destroyed on the other in consequence of the demagogy represented by a mob of men who, renouncing the principles which constitute order and the guarantees of a free people, sustain their barbarous power by means of violence and terror which reflect the image of the dishonor of our country.

Considering that the Mexican nation neither can nor ought to abdicate its rights by allowing a minority to invest itself with the power of altering the fundamental form of our Government.

Considering that it is an imperious necessity to arrive at the important object of saving our independence and establishing peace, which our people so much desire, that in all points of the country the wretched constitution of '57, and the Government emanating from it, may cease, whose history of intolerance and repeated offenses against what is most respectable in our laws, institutions, and habits, calls for a speedy and effectual reparation.

Considering that by combining the means conductive to the ends of subduing the anarchy which afflicts the nation, and to give solidity to its future march toward peace and progress, it cannot accomplish it unless all patriotic and moral Mexicans, whatever may be the political party to which they have belonged, shall gather around the glorious national standard, not permitting powers which the national will has not sanctioned to organize under its shadow.

Considering that if upon the ruins which to-day it sees the edifice reduced, erected more than forty years ago at the cost of innumerable sacrifices of the lives of thousands of Mexicans, it be indispensable to construct anew our political regeneration under the legal protection and good faith of those nations which profess for us a loyal and disinter-