War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0382 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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The people in this parish represent that they are heartily tired of Texan rule, and it is indicated that if the Government will furnish a basis of protection, a mere point of support, they will make armed resistance to another invasion by the Confederates.

This evening, 6 o'clock, Nineteenth Army Corps and Davis' cavalry brigade ordered to march to- morrow to Carrion Crow Bayou, on Opelousas road.

Memoranda closes at 7 p. m.

October 11.- Memoranda yesterday closed at 7 p. m. Nothing of importance occurred during the night. There was some uneasiness felt at headquarters by reason of not hearing of arrival of boats at New Iberia with provisions.

General Burbridge's division (Fourth), Thirteenth Army Corps, arrived at Vermillion Bayou early in the evening.

The Nineteenth Army Corps commenced its forward movement at sunrise, and at 9 a. m. was clear of the town of Vermillion, with no stragglers in sight. Some depredations reported on the part of the Thirteenth Army Corps. Two regiments of the First Division, Thirteenth Corps, moved to the right, and occupied position held until this morning by Weitzel's division. An Illinois regiment of mounted infantry arrived, and was ordered to report to Major- General Ord.

A reconnaissance was thrown out from headquarters of department, under Major Fullerton, to examine the country on the right as far as Braux Bridge, and ascertain whether the enemy are in any force in that direction.

Major- General Franklin, at 12.30 p. m., reported his presence at Bayou Carrion Crow, the enemy having fallen back before him without fighting. Generals Monton and Green, with about 1,000 men, left this morning the position now held by Franklin.

Honorable Albert Voorgees,judge of the supreme court of Louisiana, reported himself in camp, in compliance with his parole given yesterday to Major Fullerton, at Saint Martinsville. The general ordered him to New Orleans, and directed that his parole should be taken to report at New Iberia, and that he should be allowed to take his family with him. The general commanding made preparations to go to New Orleans, and directed that orders should be given to the corps quartermasters to seize all the available horses in this part of the country within reach of our forces for the purposes of the army. He also directed that the troops shall move forward toward Washington as rapidly as they can be securely furnished with supplies.

Memoranda closes at 5.30 p. m.

October 12.- The major- general commanding left headquarters after dark last night, with escort of an officer and 16 men of headquarters cavalry, and accompanied by Lieutenant [Charles S.] Sergeant, aide- decamp, for New Orleans, via New Iberia. General Ord notified that command of troops in the field devolved upon him. Major Fullerton returned from his scout to Breaux Bridge, bringing 2 prisoners, privates of Second Louisiana (rebel) Cavalry. He found no force of the enemy in that region. General Franklin sent in 4 prisoners from the front at Carrion Crow Bayou. They were closely examined by the chief of staff, and sent to provost marshal Thirteenth Army Corps. Several cases of depredations on the citizens by men straggling from camps reported, and measures adopted to prevent continuance of such conduct. This morning Lieutenant- Colonels S mall and Chandler arrived. General Arnold received orders to proceed to New Orleans, and undertake the supervision of the command of the permanent works near New