War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0326 W. FLA.,S. ALA.,S. MISS.,LA.,TEX.,N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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action, met the enemy boldly, and, at short range, delivered a deadly volley, which compelled him to fall back. He, however, rallied again in overwhelming force, and, after a firm and desperate struggle, in which we were well supported by the Twenty-sixth Indiana, we were completely overpowered and compelled to surrender; many of our men, however, refusing to give up until the guns were taken from their hands by the rebels. The rebels were commanded by General Green in person, and consisted of three brigades-in all, a force of 5,000 men. Our entire force there was about 500 men. My regiment had only about 260 men in the action, many having been left sick in convalescent camps at Carrollton, La. They were not on the expedition.

The fight was short but deadly, considering the numbers engaged, the cane and high weeds concealing the lines until they approached within pistol-shot. Many of our men escaped, and came straggling into camp for two days afterward.

In the action we had 2 officers and 8 enlisted men killed; wounded, 1 officer (since dead) and 16 enlisted men, and 11 offices and 203 enlisted men taken prisoners.* The loss in the Twenty-sixth Indiana was not so much as ours. The enemy's loss was 50 killed in the field and many more wounded.

Great credit is due to the officers and men of my regiment, who fought bravely it was to them a dearly bought victory, and were much chagrined at finding so small a capture after so vigorous a resistance.

I was not in the engagement, having been ordered to New Orleans a few days prior. The regiment was at the time commanded by the senior captain, William Adams, Company E, who was taken prisoner.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding Nineteenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry.

Adjt. General N. B. BAKER,

Davenport, Iowa.

Numbers 4. Abstracts from "Record of Events" on the several returns of the Second Division, Thirteenth Army Corps, for September, 1863.


September 1.-Division in camp at Carrollton, La., and there remained until September 4, when it was reviewed by Major General U. S. Grant, and ordered to be prepared to march immediately.

September 5.-Embarked on transports, leaving the Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry and all the sick, convalescents, and sufficient men to guard the camp and property, behind. It moved without tents, knapsacks, or woolen blankets, and sailed up the river, arriving at Morgan's Bend on the 7th instant. A detachment of cavalry (about 200), under Major Montgomery, accompanied the expedition.

September 8.-In the morning, the cavalry and Second Brigade were ordered out on a reconnaissance toward the Atchafalaya River, under


*But see revised statement, p. 325.