War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0265 Chapter XXXVIII. OPERATIONS AGAINST NAVAJO INDIANS, N. MEX.

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assigned to them from the Second Rhode Island Cavalry. Before any of the guard reached to Rhode Island camp, Colonel Robinson went there and ordered the men to the camp of the First Louisiana Cavalry. They refused to obey in a body. The colonel recalled the guard of the First Louisiana Cavalry, and ordered all the companies to fall in under arms, stating to me at the same time that the Second Rhode Island Cavalry were in mutiny.

One company was mounted. He marched us to the camp of the Second Rhode Island Cavalry, and formed us in front and on both flanks of their camp. The colonel then told them that those men who wished to obey the order should rise and form line in the center, and that in case they refused he would have them shot where they stood. He repeated this in English, French, and Spanish, so that all could understand. Most all of them came. He then directed the adjutant to march them out and form them in line facing from our camp, with one company of the First Louisiana on each flank. Company F, of our regiment, was then detailed for the execution of two of the mutineers. The adjutant was appointed provost-marshal by the colonel, for the carrying out of the order for the execution. The men were then executed. The men of the Second Rhode Island Cavalry were then called out by name, and ordered to report to the company to which they had been assigned to previous evening, which they did, and have been doing duty with said companies since.

By the COURT:

Question. Did you hear any insubordinate language from any of the men of the Second Rhode Island Cavalry during the act of consolidation on the 29th or during the proceedings of the 30th of August? If so, state what.

Answer. I did. They said they were willing to serve in the First or Third Rhode Island Cavalry, but they would "be damned if they would do any duty in the First Louisiana Cavalry, under Colonel Robinson." That they would endure any punishment imposed upon them, but would not serve. This on the 29th of August.

Question. Do you know of any other facts than what you have here stated to the court as to the origin of the mutiny in the Second Rhode Island Cavalry?

Answer. The consolidation of the two regiments in the only cause I know of.

Question. Did you hear any mutinous language ont he 29th from either of the men who were executed?

Answer. I did not know either of the men by sight or name; therefore could not say.


Question. When the colonel ordered the men to their companies, and most of them went, were the two who were executed of their number?

Answer. I do not know, but I think not.

Lieutenant EDWARD B. HALL, adjutant First Louisiana Cavalry, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

My names is Edward B. Hall. I am the adjutant of the First Louisiana Cavalry.


Question. Was there a mutiny among certain enlisted men belonging to the Second Rhode Island Cavalry when consolidated with the First Louisiana Cavalry.?

Answer. There was.

Question. Was it general?

Answer. It appeared to be.

Question. What, in your opinion, led to the mutiny?

Answer. It was a dislike on the part of the enlisted men to the consolidation with the First Louisiana Cavalry.

Question. What caused this dislike?