War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0244 W. FLA., S. ALA., S. MIXX., LA., TEX., N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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Galveston, August 12, 1863.

SIR: In pursuance of my promise to inform you from day to day of the existing state of affairs in the garrison since the late disturbance, I have the honor to report that I have diligently endeavored to ascertain the case of the mutinous feeling among the men, and, so far as I can learn, it is principally owing to the bad quality of the food issued to them. This, the original cause, has, I doubt now, been, seized upon by some few designing men, who are using it in order to suit their own bad purposes, and will, I fear, unless checked in one way or another, end in open and general revolt.

I had endeavored some time since to remedy this evil with respect to the bad quality of flour and meal, but without success, each new supply arriving being worse than the last. As to the actual condition of the flour and meal sent to this garrison, there can be but one opinion; it is very bad, and utterly unfit to be issued; the flour is sour, and the meal sour and absolutely filled with weevils and worms.

I regret to be compelled to state that mutiny was yesterday pretty generally developed in Cook's regiment, although more of negative than demonstrative character, of the light artillery. Jones' battery, I am informed, are inclined to sympathize with the malcontents.

Elmore's regiment continues to perform their duty as usual, but, from information that I have received, I cannot with any certainty count upon them in case of a collision.

The battery, from all that I can gather from their officers and from personal observation, are loyal, and will stand by their officers and colors to the last extremity.

Brigadier-General Luckett, arriving last evening, has assumed command,* and it is, therefore, at present, our of my province to make further report.

I have the honor to remain very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, and Acting Brigadier-General.

Captain A. N. MILLS,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Houston.


Respectfully forwarded for the information of the commanding general. Inclosure marked Numbers 1 also forwarded.


Acting Brigadier-General.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]


August 12, 1863.

Captain A. N. MILLS,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

In the communication sent to-day by General Debray, General Luckett wishes the words "has assumed command, &c.," erased before it is forwarded to General Magruder.


Captain, and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


*See Inclosure Numbers 1, following.