War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0096 W. FLA.,S. ALA.,S. MISS.,LA.,TEX.,N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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JUNE 28--8.50 a. m.

Two orderlies with dispatches from Commodore Palmer are said to have been captured last night at Bayou Sara. Ask Colonel Irwin if it is so.


Can you get over the Point at 11 a. m.?


Sent. "On what part of it?"

Received. "Little this side, to find a lookout to direct the fire of our batteries."

Sent. "I'll go, but 'tis a fool's errand."


June 29--8 a. m.

Wait a moment. Am waiting for orders.


Sent. "From whom?"

Received. "General Dwight. Move a little to the left. How shall the mortars fire to hit the gun on wheels behind the citadel? How many yards is it?"

Sent. "Three hundred and fifty. The gun is not there."

Received. "Where is it?"

Sent. "Fire 800 yards on the verge of the bank. No; fire 600 yards."

Received. "Is it a rifled gun--about 62-pounder?"

Sent. "Yes."

Received. "Six hundred yards from here?"

Sent. "Yes."

Received. "Watch a shot fired at it from the mortar. How was that?"

Sent. "Try it at 500 yards. Neither shell exploded. Fire little to left."

Sent. "Splendid range. Fire 100 yards short of last shot."

Sent. "That did not explode. Could not see where it fell."

Received. "Will try it again; keep watch."

Sent. "That fell 100 yards short. Range good.

Received. "Did you see that?"

Sent. "No; did not explode. Can only see the shells when they burst."

Received. "Will cease firing for the present. Can you see the rebs or the citadel?"

Sent. "Not in the citadel, but scores of them on this side of it."

Received. "Direct our fire at them."

Sent. "All right."

Orders have come to cease firing until further orders. Is it best to remain? The captain commanding the battery will not profit by our instructions. Must see some one higher in authority.


Sent. "Will they permit you to direct the fire of one of the Parrotts?"

Received. "They only bear on the citadel, and all firing has ceased. Shall we go home?"

Sent. "If you can do nothing with those important artillerists, we will vamoose."

Received. "I can do nothing. Will send you word if you are to come. Cease signaling."

JUNE 30--3 p. m.

Captain ROE:

It is necessary for Main to leave the Hartford. What are your orders?


JULY 1--8 a. m.


Go to your lower station [as soon] as possible. Will be int he same position opposite.



July 1--11 a. m.

Received. "Can you see that gun that is firing now?"

Sent. "Rebel guns opposite me are firing."

Received. "Are they together?"

Sent. "Numbers One is 600, the next 1,000, and the next 1,100 yards from your battery."

Received. "On the river bank?"

Sent. "Yes, within 50 yards of it."