War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0094 W. FLA.,S. ALA.,S. MISS.,LA.,TEX.,N. MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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(In communication with Bayou Sara station.)

MAY 28--7.50 A. M.

Sent. "Has Rich returned from New Orleans?"

Received. "He has not been here."

Sent. "Let Commodore Palmer know when any gunboat arrives from the Atchafalaya."

Received. "I will do so."

Sent. "Any news from Grant or from our army?"

Received. "I heard yesterday that Captain Hubbard was killed."

Sent. "Any more news? Work faster."

Received. "We get none. Cease signaling."

(In communication with U. S. S. Richmond.)

8.40 A. M.

Sent. "The commodore is hungering and thirsting for news. Keep him posted."

Received. "An assault was made yesterday. Generals Sherman and Dow wounded. The lower batteries opened on the 'bummers' this morning, but were silenced."

Sent "Was the army loss heavy?"

Received. "I know no more. Cease signaling."

(In communication with Bayou Sara station.)

6.30 P. M.

The Sachem or the Arizona will take position opposite Bayou Sara to-night, near the right bank, and shell the enemy if he appears, which will be a signal to us. Kirby Smith is said to be marching down on that side. Report any alarm immediately to us.



MAY 29-7.10 A. M.

Sent. "What had you to send last night?"

Received. "Nothing. They reported you calling. Our loss the day before yesterday was heavy. They were burying the dead yesterday. Cease signaling."

Sent. "General Grant will heave Vicksburg within a week."

3.28 P. M.

Did the Arizona go up the river last night? What gunboats are now at Bayou Sara?



Received. "The Arizona is just starting. The Sachem is here."

Sent. "Any news?"

Received. "None. Both of my men are sick. I am doing my own flagging."

Sent. "You flag first rate. Has Rich come yet?"

Received. "Numbers I expect to leave here to-morrow. Cease signaling."

Sent. "Cease signaling."

(In communication with U. S. S. Hartford.)

MAY 30-10.52 A. M.

Sent. "Are you working with another?"

Received. "Yes; with Russell, near Thompson's Creek."

Sent. "Done with him?"

Received. "Yes."

Sent. "Had got ready to land on the point opposite Port Hudson and open communication with Russell. Tell him to look for me at 4 p. m. If advisable, the Hartford may drop down enough to see him. No news for the commodore? Cease signaling."

Received. "Numbers Cease signaling."

(In communication with U. S. S. Richmond.)

MAY 31--10.50 A. M.


I was on the point opposite Port Hudson yesterday afternoon. Tell General Banks or Weitzel that I wish to repeat my trip and bring my notes to-night, for examination. A battery of Parrotts there would be a thorn in their side. Roads good; levee high; range short. Answer.