War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0093 Chapter XXXVIII. SIEGE OF PORT HUDSON, LA.

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(In communication with U. S. S. Richmond.)


General Banks requests me to shell the west side of Thompson's Creek at midnight, to prevent any attempt of the enemy to escape over that side. You can understand the firing.



Sent. "Cease signaling."

Received. "Cease signaling."

MAY 26--6.30 a. m.

Any news from the army?



Received. "Shall leave Port Hudson soon. Closely invested. Paine on the north, then Grover, then Augur, and Sherman on the south. Will assault wen practicable. Every one confident of success" (2314).

Sent. "Lieutenant Watson starts for your side at 9 a. m. Let General Banks know there is signal communication between us. Cease signaling."

Received. "Cease signaling."

(In communication with Bayou Sara station.)

9.35 A. M.

Received. "It is impossible to call up Jackson."

Sent. "I signaled with him this morning and called your attention. Is Stephens with you?"

Received. "He is."

Sent. "Keep good watch of me."

Received. "Can see you better in the foretop."

(In communication with U. S. S. Richmond.)

3.05 P. M.


Grierson's cavalry have captured the two steamers in Thompson's Creek.


Sent. "Can't you read well."

Received. "Tis very windy, and shakes us."

General BANKS:

A lieutenant of Grierson's cavalry is here, and says the enemy cannot escape across Thompson's Creek and between Fancy Point and the river. They must take the Bayou Sara road, if they escape at all. Should you wish me to fire again at night in the direction indicated in your note, throw up a rocket half an hour before I am to begin. Send me the news.



MAY 27--6.15 a. m.

Commodore PALMER:

The light artillery opens at daylight, the heavy at 6 a. m. Port Hudson will be ours to-day. The ships will cease firing when the artillery ceases.



Sent. "Cannot road when in motion. Cease signaling."

Received. "Cease signaling."

12.15 P. M.

Commodore PALMER:

All is going well with the army. They push the rebels hard on the right. Do not fire again.



Sent. "Do you see this tree?"

Received. "Yes."

Sent. "Well, you are at times hidden behind it. Look often when you signal."

Received. "I will. Cease signaling."

Sent. "S. C."