War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0087 Chapter XXXVIII. SIEGE OF PORT HUDSON, LA.

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Received. "Numbers 1 fires a shade too low."

Sent. "Report everything important in regard to battery on right bank."

Received. "Whatever I know."

Lieutenant SLACK:

Please ask Captain Closson to send me to-day twenty boxes spherical case and twenty boxes shells.



Received. "Big rifle is just disabled by our Parrott."

Sent. "How badly; any need of big battery firing at it any more?"

Received. "The gun has pitched forward."

Sent. "We are firing at gun in ravine behind the citadel. How was that?"

Received. "I can't see any mounted within 1,000 yards of citadel. How was that?"

Received. "One thousand yards. I should like to direct the fire of guns Numbers 9 or 10."

Received. "The last mortar shell fell 70 yards from the disabled gun. Two fine guns lowest down on the river bank are firing at our Parrotts."

Sent. "You can direct the fire of Numbers 9; 'tis a 24-pounder siege gun. Will wait for your report after each shot. Did you see last shot?"

Lieutenant BRADLEY:

Cease firing for the present, and withdraw your section from the bank.



Received. "Last shot was 10 yards to the right."

Sent. "How was last shot from howitzer?"

Received. "The last shot but one was 10 yards to the right. The last shot of all was splendid; only 3 feet to the right."

Received. "Good shot; F. L. L."

Received. "F. L. L. That shot struck the breastwork 8 feet to the right of the gun, F. L. L. and a little lower."

Sent. "And the last?"

Received. "Had good range, but was 100 yards short."

Received. "That burst short."

Received. "The last shot was 10 yards to the right. This shot was capital; a fraction high."

Received. "Last shot was 10 yards to right."

Sent. "Cannot get it any farther to the left. Where is the second rebel gun; can't it fire at that? How was the last shot?"

Received. "A little too high."

Received. "The lower gun is 45 yards from river; the second gun is a little farther up and 400 yards from him; last shot a little too high."

Sent. "Are we firing at lower or second gun?"

Received. "The howitzer is firing at the second gun, the other to your right of both. The howitzer's shells go 2 feet over the gun every time."

Received. "Last shot was too high; little too high again."

Received. "Can't they or won't they depress that gun?"

Sent. "Won't, I guess; was that any better, and that?"

Received. "Both, and forever too high."

Sent. "Cease signaling."

Received. "Cease signaling."

On the 3d, I was again at the battery, but no firing was done during the day. Did not go again.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Second Lieutenant, and Acting Signal Officer.


Adjutant Signal Corps, Department of the Gulf.