War of the Rebellion: Serial 041 Page 0028 W.FLA., S.ALA., S.MISS., LA., TEX., N.MEX. Chapter XXXVIII.

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with them for fifteen minutes. One man and the guide severely wounded, and 1 horse killed. Indian loss unknown. Our loss: 1 soldier and 1 citizen wounded and 1 horse killed.

September 8.- The Indians made an attack on Puertecito de las Salinas. Three Mexicans who sent in pursuit of them were killed.

September 26.- Captain Henry A. Greene, the indefatigable, commanding Fort McRae, learning that a band of Indians with 10 head of stock had crossed the Rio Grande near the Rio de los Allamosa, and that Corporal Argust with 3 men had gone in pursuit, immediately mounted 8 men, and started for the town of Allamosa. Arriving at this point, 18 mounted Mexicans joined his party. The whole party then traveled to Canada Palomas Crossing. At this point the stock was found, having been abandoned by the Indians. Corporal Argust, and Privates Daniel D. Tompkins, Alonzo C. Mullen, and William Lockhart, are highly praised by Captain Greene for their zeal and energy on this a occasion.

September 27.-Lieutenant P. A. J. Russell, First Infantry, California Volunteers, with 4 mounted men and a party of Pueblo Indians, started from Valles Grande on the trail of a band of Navajoes, who had stolen a lot of stock from the Pueblos. The trail was followed into the town of Jemez, where the party recaptured 125 head of sheep and 2 horses; killed 8 Navajoes, and took 20 women and children prisoners.

September 28.- Baltasar Montano, citizen, reports the result of a campaign against the Navajoes as follows: Two Indians killed, 5 wounded, 11 or 12 animals captured, 2 horses and 1 mule lost.

October 5.- Colonel Carson reports that on the 22nd of September his command pursued a party of Indians, but owing to the broken-down condition of his animals they only succeeded in capturing 1. On the 2nd day of October, discovered a small Indian village which had just been abandoned; this was destroyed; 19 animals captured, 7 of which got away. Three men left camp to hunt up the animals which had escaped; they did not return until after the command had returned to Fort Canby; they state that they were attacked by a party of Indians when within 5 miles of the post, 1 of whom they killed. One of the men, named Artin, was severely wounded, and the Indians captured his mule. On the 3rd day of October, Lieutenant Postle discovered an Indian, pursued him, and wounded him in three places; the lieutenant was slightly wounded by the Indians. Indian loss, 1 killed, 1 wounded, and 1 captured; 12 animals captured. Our loss, 1 officer and 1 private wounded, and 1 mule lost.

October 5.- Ramon Luna, agent for the Pueblo Indians, reports that the Pueblos, in a recent campaign against the Navajoes, killed 22 of them, captured 51 prisoners, 1,200 sheep, and 40 mules; some of the mules had the U. S. brand.

October 6.-Major Edward B. Willis, First Infantry, California Volunteers, left Fort Wingate on the 15th day of September, on an expedition against the Indians, with 40 men each of Company, H, First Infantry, California Volunteers, and Company F, First New Mexico Volunteers. At the Cienega Amarilla the command captured 1 horse and 1 mule; at Jacob's Well found a few Indians, and captured 2 of them. At this point found and destroyed several field of pumpkins and watermelons. The command then returned to Fort Wingate. Major Willis, in his report says: "I cannot speak in too high terms of the officers and men of this command; no men could be more anxious to do their duty, or more cheerfully incur the hardships of a campaign; after a march of 25 or 30 miles, the whole command would cheerfully volunteer and march