War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0825 Chapter XXXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Va., and report to General R. E. Lee, commanding, for assignment to duty.

* * * *

By command of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Abstract from tabular statement of the organization and present condition of the Cavalry Division, Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by Major General J. E. B. Stuart, C. S. Army, May 25, 1863.


Effective strength Non-effective.


Brigades. Officers Men. Officers Men.

Hampton's. 178 2,032 17 728

Fitz. Lee's.* 108 1,224 8 751

W. H. F. Lee's.+ 90 1,439 16 468

Jones'. ... ... ... ...

Robertson's.++ 67 1,068 5 168

Jenkins'. ... ... ... ...

Total# 443 5,763 46 2,155

Absent as per field

return May 20, 1863.

Brigades. Officers. Men. Remarks.

Hampton's. 45 1,124

Fitz. Lee's.* 46 985

W. H. F. Lee's.+ 49 1,039

Jones'. ... ... Not reported.

Robertson's.++ 7 280

Jenkins'. ... ... Not reported.

Total# 147 3,428


*Does not include the Fourth Virginia Cavalry, "on detached service, picketing on Lower Rappahannock; this is the fullest regiment of this brigade."

+Does not include the Fifteenth Virginia Cavalry, "on detached service, picketing on Lower Rappahannock."

++Does not include the Seventh Confederate and Sixty-second Georgia, "on detached service in North Carolina," or the Third North Carolina, "on detached service on the Blackwater, Va."

#Does not include the artillery.


Organization of the Cavalry Division, Army of Northern Virginia, Major General J. E. B. Stuart, C. S. Army, commanding, May 25, 1863.*

Hampton's Brigade.

1st North Carolina, Colonel L. S. Baker.

1st South Carolina, Colonel John L. Black.

2nd South Carolina, Colonel M. C. Butler.

Cobb's Legion, Colonel P. M. B. Young.

Jeff. Davis Legion, Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Waring.

Phillips' Legion, Lieutenant Colonel William W. Rich.

Fitz. Lee's Brigade.

1st Virginia, Colonel James H. Drake.

2nd Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel James W. Watts.

3rd Virginia, Colonel Thomas H. Owen.

4th Virginia, Colonel Williams C. Wickham.

5th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel H. C. Pate.

W. H. F. Lee's Brigade.

2nd North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel William H. Payne [of 4th Virginia Cavalry temporarily commanding].

9th Virginia, Colonel R. L. T. Beale.

10th Virginia, ---- ---.

13th Virginia, Major J. E. Gillette.

15th Virginia, ---- ---.

Jones Brigade.

6th Virginia, ---- ----.

7th Virginia, ---- ----.

11th Virginia, ---- ----.

12th Virginia, ---- ----.

White's (Virginia) battalion.


*According to tabular statement of this date, signed by Stuart, the original does not indicate the actual brigade commanders, not does it account for the attached batteries artillery.