War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0719 Chapter XXXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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orders. Ten wagons and teams were sent to you. Ought to be at Warm Springs to-day. Answer by telegraph, that I may know you have received this.




No. 26. April 13, 1863.

I. The lieutenant-general commanding would call the special attention of this corps to General Orders, No. 110, headquarters Army of Northern Virginia, September 25, 1862. Officers will make themselves thoroughly acquainted with its requirements, which must in all cases be strictly carried out.

II. Each division will move precisely at the time indicated in the order of march, and if a division or brigade is not ready to move at that time, the next will proceed and take its place, even if a division should be separated thereby.

III. On the march, the troops are to have a rest of ten minutes each hour. The rate of march is not to exceed 1 mile in twenty-five minutes, unless otherwise specially ordered. The time of each division commander will be taken from that of the corps commander. When the troops are halted for the purpose of resting, arms will be stacked and ranks broken, and in no case during the march will be troops be allowed to break ranks without previously stacking arms.

IV. When any part of a battery or train is disabled on a march, the officer in charge must have it removed immediately from the road, so that no part of the command be impeded upon its march.

Batteries or trains must not stop in the line of march to water; when any part of a battery or train, from any cause, loses its place in the column, it must not pass any part of the column in regaining its place.

Company commanders will march at the rear of their respective companies; officers must be habitually occupied in seeing that orders are strictly enforced; a day's march should be with them a day of labor; as much vigilance is required on the march as in camp.

Each division commander will, as soon as he arrives at his camping-ground, have the company rolls called and guard details marched to the front of the regiment before breaking ranks, and immediately afterward establish his chain of sentinels, and post his pickets so as to secure the safety of his command, and will soon thereafter report to these headquarters the disposition made for the security of his camp.

Division commanders will see that all orders respecting their divisions are carried out strictly; each division commander before leaving an encampment will have all damages occasioned by his command settled for by payment or covered by proper certificates.

V. All ambulance in the same brigade will be receipted for by the brigade quartermaster; they will be parked together, and habitually kept together, not being separated unless the exigencies of the service require, and on marches follow in rear of their respective brigades.

Ample details will be made for taking care of the wounded; those thus selected will wear the prescribed badge; and no other person belonging to the army will be permitted to take part in this important trust.

Any one leaving his appropriate duty, under pretext of taking care